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Mendes, Kaitlynn - Feminism in the News, ebook

Feminism in the News

Mendes, Kaitlynn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kaitlynn Mendes
2. Contextualizing the Issues
Kaitlynn Mendes
3. Reporting the Women’s Movement, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
4. Reporting Equal Rights, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
5. Reporting…

Skinnell, Ryan - Faking the News, ebook

Faking the News

Skinnell, Ryan


In Faking the News: What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump, eleven prominent rhetoric experts explain how Trump’s persuasive language works. Specifically the authors explain Trump’s persuasive uses of demagoguery, anti-Semitism, alternative facts, populism,

Gunter, Barrie - The Cognitive Impact of Television News, ebook

The Cognitive Impact of Television News

Gunter, Barrie


Are Some Television News Stories Easier to Remember?
Barrie Gunter
5. Does Television Tell Stories in a Memorable Way?
Barrie Gunter
6. Do Pictures Help or Hinder Our News Memories?
Barrie Gunter
7. Is Television News

Zhang, Li - News Media and EU-China Relations, ebook

News Media and EU-China Relations

Zhang, Li


Soft Power, Country Image, and Media-Policy Interrelations in International Politics
Li Zhang
Part I. Media Perception and Influencing Factors
3. The Changing Images of China: A Longitudinal Representation in the European

Smith, Simon - Discussing the News, ebook

Discussing the News

Smith, Simon


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simon Smith
2. Participatory Journalism as a Way of Knowing
Simon Smith
3. Contextualising the Research Setting
Simon Smith
4. Judging the Quality of Online Discussion: The Invisible Work of…