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Owen, John - International News Reporting: Frontlines and Deadlines, ebook

International News Reporting: Frontlines and Deadlines

Owen, John


A collection of essays by top international correspondants in print, broadcasting, and photojournalism, International News Reporting offers an introduction to journalism written by the people who have made the profession what it is today. Contributors identify the major areas of professional

Skinnell, Ryan - Faking the News, ebook

Faking the News

Skinnell, Ryan


In Faking the News: What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump, eleven prominent rhetoric experts explain how Trump’s persuasive language works. Specifically the authors explain Trump’s persuasive uses of demagoguery, anti-Semitism, alternative facts, populism,

Morris, William - News from Nowhere, ebook

News from Nowhere

Morris, William


William Morris' classic novel News from Nowhere has been enjoyed by readers around the world for 120 years. A soft science-fiction, this is an exploration of socialist ideas, following the story of William Guest, a man who falls asleep after a Socialist League meeting to find himself waking

Mendes, Kaitlynn - Feminism in the News, ebook

Feminism in the News

Mendes, Kaitlynn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kaitlynn Mendes
2. Contextualizing the Issues
Kaitlynn Mendes
3. Reporting the Women’s Movement, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
4. Reporting Equal Rights, 1968–82
Kaitlynn Mendes
5. Reporting…

Gunter, Barrie - The Cognitive Impact of Television News, ebook

The Cognitive Impact of Television News

Gunter, Barrie


Are Some Television News Stories Easier to Remember?
Barrie Gunter
5. Does Television Tell Stories in a Memorable Way?
Barrie Gunter
6. Do Pictures Help or Hinder Our News Memories?
Barrie Gunter
7. Is Television News

Archetti, Cristina - Explaining News, ebook

Explaining News

Archetti, Cristina


The Construction of News: A Multidisciplinary Explanation
Cristina Archetti
3. News Theories: Conflicting Perspectives
Cristina Archetti
4. Political Discourse after 9/11
Cristina Archetti
5. Press Coverage after 9/11
Cristina Archetti

Lugo-Ocando, Jairo - Crime Statistics in the News, ebook

Crime Statistics in the News

Lugo-Ocando, Jairo


Stabbing News: What Knife Crime Tells Us About Crime Statistics in the News Room
Jairo Lugo-Ocando
6. News, Public Policy and Crime Statistics
Jairo Lugo-Ocando
7. Spinning Crime Statistics
Jairo Lugo-Ocando
8. Visualising Crime Statistics

Rando, David - Modernist Fiction and News, ebook

Modernist Fiction and News

Rando, David


Introduction: Modernism, News, and the Representation of Experience
David Rando
2. Nearness
David Rando
3. Scandal
David Rando
4. Character
David Rando
5. Identity
David Rando
6. War
David Rando
7. Coda: Make It Now