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Rewi, Adrienne - Frommer's® New Zealand, ebook

Frommer's® New Zealand

Rewi, Adrienne


Written by a New Zealand resident, and full of personal insights and opinions, this guide takes you to one of the world’s most exciting ecotourism destinations! It’s much more complete and in-depth than its major competition. Whether you’re dreaming

Chapple, David G. - New Zealand Lizards, ebook

New Zealand Lizards

Chapple, David G.


History of Discovery of the New Zealand Lizard Fauna
Glenn M. Shea
3. A Review of the Fossil Record of New Zealand Lizards
Trevor H. Worthy
4. Putting a Name to Diversity: Taxonomy of the New

Jones, Chris - Magna Carta and New Zealand, ebook

Magna Carta and New Zealand

Jones, Chris


The Politics of Magna Carta and the Ancient Constitution in New Zealand, 1642–c.1860
Geoff Kemp
7. The Myth of the “Māori Magna Carta”
Te Maire Tau, Madi Williams
8. Mekana Tata: Magna Carta and the Political

New, T. R. - Insect Conservation and Islands, ebook

Insect Conservation and Islands

New, T. R.


History of weta (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae) translocation in New Zealand: lessons learned, islands as sanctuaries and the future
Corinne Watts, Ian Stringer, Greg Sherley, George Gibbs, Chris Green
15. Possible rescue

Atkinson, Brett - Lonely Planet New Zealand, ebook

Lonely Planet New Zealand

Atkinson, Brett


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher
Lonely Planet's New Zealand is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Glide through turquoise waters past pods

Planet, Lonely - Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey, ebook

Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey

Planet, Lonely


Andrew Stevenson takes to the tracks in the hiking heaven of New Zealand's famous wilderness areas. With insight and a gentle humour, he explores the spirit of this spectacular land and its people, provides an illuminating view of his fellowbackpackers,

McDowall, R.M. - New Zealand Freshwater Fishes, ebook

New Zealand Freshwater Fishes

McDowall, R.M.


The Geographical Setting of New Zealand and Its Place in Global Geography
R. M. McDowall
3. New Zealand’s Geological and Climatic History and Its Biogeographical Context
R. M. McDowall
4. A Conceptual Basis for

Allen, Robert B. - Biological Invasions in New Zealand, ebook

Biological Invasions in New Zealand

Allen, Robert B.


Becoming New Zealanders: Immigration and the Formation of the Biota
M. S. McGlone
3. Creating Gardens: The Diversity and Progression of European Plant Introductions
P. A. Williams, E. K. Cameron
4. Introduced Mammals in a New Environment
I. A.