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Bastian, Nathaniel D. - Healthcare Systems Engineering, ebook

Healthcare Systems Engineering

Bastian, Nathaniel D.


Apply engineering and design principles to revitalize the healthcare delivery system
Healthcare Systems Engineering is the first engineering book to cover this emerging field, offering comprehensive coverage of the healthcare system,

Guenther, Robin - Sustainable Healthcare Architecture, ebook

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture

Guenther, Robin


"With this book, Robin Guenther and Gail Vittori show us how critical our green building mission is to the future of human health and secures a lasting legacy that will continue to challenge and focus the green building movement, the healthcare industry, and the world for years to come."

Busch, Rebecca S. - Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide, ebook

Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide

Busch, Rebecca S.


An invaluable tool equipping healthcare professionals, auditors, and investigators to detect every kind of healthcare fraud
According to private and public estimates, billions of dollars are lost per hour to healthcare waste, fraud, and abuse. A

Faltin, Frederick - Statistical Methods in Healthcare, ebook

Statistical Methods in Healthcare

Faltin, Frederick

From 112,55€

  The medical product development process is no longer able to keep pace with increasing technologies, science and innovations and the goal is to develop new scientific and technical tools and to make product development processes more efficient and effective.

McDonnell, Gerald - A Practical Guide to Decontamination in Healthcare, ebook

A Practical Guide to Decontamination in Healthcare

McDonnell, Gerald

From 94,95€

A Practical Guide to Decontamination in Healthcare is a comprehensive training manual, providing practical guidance on all aspects of decontamination including: microbiology and infection control; regulations and standards; containment, transportation, handling, cleaning,

Maharatna, Koushik - Systems Design for Remote Healthcare, ebook

Systems Design for Remote Healthcare

Maharatna, Koushik


Table of contents
1. A Clinician’s View of Next-Generation Remote Healthcare System
Paolo Emilio Puddu, Alessandra D’Ambrosi, Paola Scarparo, Emilio Centaro, Concetta Torromeo, Michele Schiariti, Francesco Fedele, Gian Franco Gensini
2. System Overview of Next-Generation Remote Healthcare
Andrea Vitaletti,

Audrain-Pontevia, Anne-Françoise - The Digitization of Healthcare, ebook

The Digitization of Healthcare

Audrain-Pontevia, Anne-Françoise


New Challenges for the Practice of Medicine
5. Formulating eHealth Utilizing an Ecological Understanding
Grant P. Cumming, Douglas McKendrick, Jamie Hogg, Tara French, Eva Kahana, David Molik, Joanne S. Luciano
6. Evaluation Frameworks for Health Virtual