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New, T. R. - Beetle Conservation, ebook

Beetle Conservation

New, T. R.


Table of contents
1. Beetles and conservation
T. R. New
2. The effects of forestry on carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in boreal forests
Jari Niemelä, Matti Koivula, D. Johan Kotze
3. Conservation status of Prodontria (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) species in New Zealand
B. I. P. Barratt
4. Conservation

New, T. R. - Insect Conservation and Islands, ebook

Insect Conservation and Islands

New, T. R.


History of weta (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae) translocation in New Zealand: lessons learned, islands as sanctuaries and the future
Corinne Watts, Ian Stringer, Greg Sherley, George Gibbs, Chris Green
15. Possible rescue from extinction: transfer of a rare

New, T. R. - Hymenoptera and Conservation, ebook

Hymenoptera and Conservation

New, T. R.


Hymenoptera, the bees, wasps and ant, are one of the largest insect orders, and have massive ecological importance as pollinators and as predators or parasitoids of other insects. These roles have brought them forcefully to human notice , as governors…

New, T. R. - Beetles in Conservation, ebook

Beetles in Conservation

New, T. R.


Beetles, the most diverse group of insects, are often abundant in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. Many species are under threat from human changes to natural environments, and some are valuable tools in conservation, because they respond rapidly…

New, T. R. - Lepidoptera and Conservation, ebook

Lepidoptera and Conservation

New, T. R.


The third in a trilogy of global overviews of conservation of diverse and ecologically important insect groups. The first two were Beetles in Conservation (2010) and Hymenoptera and Conservation (2012). Each has different priorities and emphases…

New, Tim R. - Insect Conservation: Past, Present and Prospects, ebook

Insect Conservation: Past, Present and Prospects

New, Tim R.


2. Insect Conservation in the United Kingdom – The Role of the Joint Committee for the Conservation of British Insects and Invertebrate Link (JCCBI)
Michael G. Morris, Oliver D. Cheesman
3. A History of Invertebrate Conservation in the British Statutory