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Murphy, Michael F. - Practical Transfusion Medicine, ebook

Practical Transfusion Medicine

Murphy, Michael F.


The fifth edition of this practical textbook on transfusion medicine has been thoroughly revised with the latest in scientific and technological developments and edited by a leading team of international expert haematologists, including new co-editor…

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw - Respiratory Treatment and Prevention, ebook

Respiratory Treatment and Prevention

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw


Antibiotics Modulate the Ability of Neutrophils to Release Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
A. Manda-Handzlik, W. Bystrzycka, S. Sieczkowska, U. Demkow, O. Ciepiela
7. Sensitivity of Next-Generation Sequencing Metagenomic Analysis for Detection of RNA and DNA

Ley, Klaus - Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition, ebook

Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition

Ley, Klaus


The role of endothelial cell-selective adhesion molecule (ESAM) in neutrophil emigration into inflamed tissues
Stefan Butz, Dietmar Vestweber
12. Structure and function of JAM proteins
Eric A. Severson, Charles A. Parkos
13. Promises and limitations

Rogers, Thomas J. - Smoking and Lung Inflammation, ebook

Smoking and Lung Inflammation

Rogers, Thomas J.


Table of contents
1. Immunopathology of COPD
Laimute Taraseviciene-Stewart, Norbert F. Voelkel
2. Monocyte Populations Which Participate in Chronic Lung Inflammation
William D. Cornwell, Maria Elena Vega, Thomas J. Rogers
3. Neutrophil Inflammation in COPD
Paul A. Kennedy, Laurie E. Kilpatrick
4. Role

Foundation, Novartis - Innate Immunity to Pulmonary Infection, ebook

Innate Immunity to Pulmonary Infection

Foundation, Novartis


Innate Immunity to Pulmonary Infection: Provides a comprehensive overview of pulmonary infectious diseases, including basic pathology, current and potential therapies, and detailed consideration of the innate biological resistance mechanisms in the lung Thoroughly examines the major topic of innate

Prince, Alice - Mucosal Immunology of Acute Bacterial Pneumonia, ebook

Mucosal Immunology of Acute Bacterial Pneumonia

Prince, Alice


Table of contents
1. Alveolar Macrophages
David H. Dockrell, Paul J. Collini, Helen M. Marriott
2. Lung Dendritic Cells and Pulmonary Defence Mechanisms to Bacteria
Bart N. Lambrecht, Katrijn Neyt, Corine H. GeurtsvanKessel, Hamida Hammad
3. CD4 T-Cell Immunity in the Lung
Jay K. Kolls
4. Neutrophils

Klink, Magdalena - Interaction of Immune and Cancer Cells, ebook

Interaction of Immune and Cancer Cells

Klink, Magdalena


Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils and Tumors: Friend or Foe?
Magdalena Klink, Zofia Sulowska
8. Cancer Immunoediting: Elimination, Equilibrium, and Immune Escape in Solid Tumors
Jacek R. Wilczynski, Marek Nowak
9. Adoptive T-Cell Immunotherapy: Perfecting

Davis, Paul A. - Oxidants in Biology, ebook

Oxidants in Biology

Davis, Paul A.


Table of contents
I. Old Players
1. Hydrogen Peroxide: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Henry Jay Forman
2. Peroxynitrite: A Key Molecule in Skin Tissue Response to Different Types of Stress
Meital Portugal, Ron Kohen
3. Cellular and Environmental Electrophiles: Balancing Redox Signaling, Inflammation, and