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Edmans, Judi - Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions, ebook

Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions

Edmans, Judi


While diagnosis with a neurological condition may not be life-threatening, it can have significant impact on everyday life and on participation in activities. Occupational therapists must be able to fully consider the physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioural problems

Klein, Autumn - Neurological Illness in Pregnancy: Principles and Practice, ebook

Neurological Illness in Pregnancy: Principles and Practice

Klein, Autumn


This book is a practical and easily readable guide for neurologists, obstetricians, and primary care doctors treating female patients with neurological illness in their reproductive years.
Offers wide ranging coverage, including family planning and lactation Presents information in

Millichap, J. Gordon - Neurological Syndromes, ebook

Neurological Syndromes

Millichap, J. Gordon


Table of contents
1. A
J. Gordon Millichap
2. B
J. Gordon Millichap
3. C
J. Gordon Millichap
4. D
J. Gordon Millichap
5. E
J. Gordon Millichap
6. F
J. Gordon Millichap
7. G
J. Gordon Millichap

Gilhus, Nils Erik - European Handbook of Neurological Management, ebook

European Handbook of Neurological Management

Gilhus, Nils Erik


Evidence-based, peer reviewed, best practice management guidelines for neurologists
Diagnosis is only part of the puzzle. Effective treatment is what your patients really want. The European Federation of Neurological Societies has been publishing