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 - Introduction to Network Simulator NS2, ebook

Introduction to Network Simulator NS2


Introduction to Network Simulator 2 (NS2)
Teerawat Issariyakul, Ekram Hossain
4. Linkage Between OTcl and C++ in NS2
Teerawat Issariyakul, Ekram Hossain
5. Implementation of Discrete-Event Simulation in NS2

Rupp, Markus - The Vienna LTE-Advanced Simulators, ebook

The Vienna LTE-Advanced Simulators

Rupp, Markus


Table of contents
Part I. Link Level Simulations and Experiments
1. Link Level Simulation Basics
Markus Rupp, Stefan Schwarz, Martin Taranetz
2. Downlink Synchronization
Qi Wang
3. Symbol Detection in High Speed Channels

Fahmy, Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad - Wireless Sensor Networks, ebook

Wireless Sensor Networks

Fahmy, Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad


Table of contents
Part I. WSNs Concepts and Applications
1. Introduction
Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad Fahmy
2. Protocol Stack of WSNs
Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad Fahmy
3. WSNs Applications
Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad Fahmy
4. Transport Protocols for WSNs
Hossam Mahmoud Ahmad Fahmy
Part II. WSNs Experimentation

Benjillali, Mustapha - Advances in Ubiquitous Networking 2, ebook

Advances in Ubiquitous Networking 2

Benjillali, Mustapha


The Allocation in Cognitive Radio Network: Combined Genetic Algorithm and ON/OFF Primary User Activity Models
Yasmina Morabit, Fatiha Mrabti, El Houssein Abarkan
2. An Optimized Vertical Handover Approach Based on M-ANP and TOPSIS in Heterogeneous Wireless

Bouvry, Pascal - Evolutionary Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, ebook

Evolutionary Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Bouvry, Pascal

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Describes how evolutionary algorithms (EAs) can be used to identify, model, and minimize day-to-day problems that arise for researchers in optimization and mobile networking
Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), vehicular networks (VANETs), sensor networks