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Ziadeh, Khaled - Neighborhood and Boulevard, ebook

Neighborhood and Boulevard

Ziadeh, Khaled


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hosam Aboul-Ela
2. The Public Plaza
Khaled Ziadeh
3. The Ottoman Café
Khaled Ziadeh
4. The Seaport
Khaled Ziadeh
5. The Christian Quarter
Khaled Ziadeh
6. The French District

Joseph, Peniel E. - Neighborhood Rebels, ebook

Neighborhood Rebels

Joseph, Peniel E.


Introduction Community Organizing, Grassroots Politics, and Neighborhood Rebels: Local Struggles for Black Power in America
Peniel E. Joseph
2. Malcolm X’s Harlem and Early Black Power Activism
Peniel E. Joseph
3. “Get Up Off of Your Knees!”:

Dabrowski, Marek - EU Eastern Neighborhood, ebook

EU Eastern Neighborhood

Dabrowski, Marek


Global Ageing and the Macroeconomic Consequences of Migration from Neighborhood Countries to Europe
Vladimir Borgy, Xavier Chojnicki
7. Income and Distribution Effects of Migration and Remittances
Matthias Luecke
8. Institutional Convergence of the

Burton, Linda M. - Communities, Neighborhoods, and Health, ebook

Communities, Neighborhoods, and Health

Burton, Linda M.


Table of contents
1. Place, History, Memory: Thinking Time Within Place
Susan P. Kemp
2. Formalizing Place in Geographic Information Systems
Michael F. Goodchild
3. Spatial Polygamy and the Heterogeneity of Place: Studying People and…

Sinclair, Lex - The Goat's Head, ebook

The Goat's Head

Sinclair, Lex


Swedish-born law student, Sofie Lackberg's life is sent into perilous turmoil when she spots a flyer advertising a care assistant job for one night in a palatial Victorian house of gothic architecture and a marble demon out front standing sentry. But…