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McFall, Todd A. - The (Peculiar) Economics of NCAA Basketball, ebook

The (Peculiar) Economics of NCAA Basketball

McFall, Todd A.


The NCAA’S Peculiar Economic System
Todd A. McFall
3. Technology, Legal Decisions, and Superstar Teams Undermine NCAA Authority
Todd A. McFall
4. The Selection Committee’s Trade-Offs in Creating the Tournament Field
Todd A. McFall
5. Trading

Bourret, Tim - Basketball For Dummies, ebook

Basketball For Dummies

Bourret, Tim

From 21,80€

This new edition of Basketball For Dummies not only covers the rules and regulations of the NBA, but offers coverage on the WNBA, NCAA, and international basketball leagues.
Basketball For Dummies is a valuable resource to the many fans of this beloved sport, covering

Long, Howie - Football For Dummies, ebook

Football For Dummies

Long, Howie


The fun and easy way to tackle football basics and enjoy America's most popular sport
Since the last edition of Football For Dummies, new stadiums have been built, new stars have ascended, and records have been broken. This new edition has been…

Hawkins, Billy - The New Plantation, ebook

The New Plantation

Hawkins, Billy


The New Plantation Model: A Conceptual Framework for Diagnosing the Experiences of Black Athletes at Predominantly White NCAA Division I Institutions
Billy Hawkins
4. Intellectually Inferior and Physically Superior: Racist Ideologies and the Black Athlete

McKenzie, Bob - Hockey Dad: True Confessions of a (Crazy?) Hockey Parent, ebook

Hockey Dad: True Confessions of a (Crazy?) Hockey Parent

McKenzie, Bob


Michael is now a 22-year-old entering his junior year playing NCAA hockey on scholarship, one step away from the professional ranks. Shawn, now 19, had his competitive minor hockey life cut drastically short at age 14 because of complications from multiple concussions.

Banaszkiewicz, Paul A. - Classic Papers in Orthopaedics, ebook

Classic Papers in Orthopaedics

Banaszkiewicz, Paul A.


Knee Injury Patterns Among Men and Women in Collegiate Basketball and Soccer: NCAA Data and Review of Literature
Nick Caplan, Deiary F. Kader
38. The Symptomatic Anterior Cruciate-Deficient Knee. Part I: The Long-Term Functional Disability in Athletically Active