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Wempen, Faithe - Computing Fundamentals: Introduction to Computers, ebook

Computing Fundamentals: Introduction to Computers

Wempen, Faithe


The absolute beginner's guide to learning basic computer skills
Computing Fundamentals, Introduction to Computers gets you up to speed on basic computing skills, showing you everything you need to know to conquer entry-level computing courses. Written by a Microsoft Office Master Instructor,

Ferrill, Paul - Pro Android Python with SL4A, ebook

Pro Android Python with SL4A

Ferrill, Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Paul Ferrill
2. Getting Started
Paul Ferrill
3. Navigating the Android SDK
Paul Ferrill
4. Developing with Eclipse
Paul Ferrill
5. Exploring the Android API
Paul Ferrill
6. Background Scripting with Python
Paul Ferrill
7. Python Scripting Utilities

Broulik, Brad - Pro jQuery Mobile, ebook

Pro jQuery Mobile

Broulik, Brad


Table of contents
1. Why jQuery Mobile?
Brad Broulik
2. Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
Brad Broulik
3. Navigating with Headers, Toolbars, and Tab Bars
Brad Broulik
4. Form Elements and Buttons
Brad Broulik
5. List Views
Brad Broulik
6. Formatting Content with Grids and CSS Gradients

DiMarzio, J. F. - Practical Android 4 Games Development, ebook

Practical Android 4 Games Development

DiMarzio, J. F.


Table of contents
Part I. Planning and Creating 2D Games
1. Welcome to Android Gaming
J. F. DiMarzio
2. Star Fighter: A 2-D Shooter
J. F. DiMarzio
3. Press Start: Making a Menu
J. F. DiMarzio
4. Drawing The Environment
J. F. DiMarzio
5. Creating Your Character
J. F. DiMarzio
6. Adding

Grothaus, Michael - Talking Your iPhoto ’11 to the Max, ebook

Talking Your iPhoto ’11 to the Max

Grothaus, Michael


Table of contents
1. Getting Familiar with iPhoto ’11
Michael Grothaus
2. Importing Your Photos
Michael Grothaus
3. Marking and Searching Your Photos
Michael Grothaus
4. Navigating and Organizing Your Photos: Events and Albums
Michael Grothaus
5. Organizing Your Photos: Faces

Moemeka, Edward - Real World Windows 8 App Development with JavaScript, ebook

Real World Windows 8 App Development with JavaScript

Moemeka, Edward


Table of contents
1. The Windows 8 Ethos and Environment
Edward Moemeka, Elizabeth Moemeka
2. Getting the Basics Right
Edward Moemeka, Elizabeth Moemeka
3. Incorporating Layout and Controls
Edward Moemeka, Elizabeth Moemeka
4. Navigating the Media Maze
Edward Moemeka, Elizabeth Moemeka
5. Making

Pasumansky, Mosha - Fast Track to MDX, ebook

Fast Track to MDX

Pasumansky, Mosha


Table of contents
1. Readme.doc — definitions you need to know
2. How MDX is used
3. MDX queries
4. MDX syntax
5. MDX expressions
6. Navigating the hierarchy
7. Snapshot data analysis
8. Moving averages
9. Filters
10. Setting the default member
11. Member properties and dimension security

Ford, Jerry Lee - Beginning REALbasic, ebook

Beginning REALbasic

Ford, Jerry Lee


Table of contents
Part 1. Introducing REALbasic
1. An Introduction to REALbasic
2. Navigating the REALbasic Integrated Development Environment
Part 2. Learning How to Program with REALbasic
3. Creating an Application’s User Interface
4. Working with REALbasic Menus
5. Storing and Retrieving Application

Davison, Andrew - Pro Java™ 6 3D Game Development, ebook

Pro Java™ 6 3D Game Development

Davison, Andrew


Table of contents
Part 1. Java 3D
1. Introducing Java 3D
2. Get a Life (in 3D)
3. Get a Life (the Java 6 Way)
4. The Colliding Grabbers
5. When Worlds Collide
6. A Multitextured Landscape
7. Walking Around the Models
8. More Backgrounds and Overlays
Part 2. Nonstandard Input Devices
9. More Backgrounds