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Coates, Peter - Nature: Western Attitudes Since Ancient Times, ebook

Nature: Western Attitudes Since Ancient Times

Coates, Peter


'Nature' is a deceptively simple and ahistorical term, suggesting intrinsic, unchanging reality. Yet nature has a history too, both in terms of human attitudes and human impacts. Coates outlines the major understandings of 'nature'

Ishida, Emile H. - Nature Technology, ebook

Nature Technology

Ishida, Emile H.


The True Nature of the Global Environmental Problem
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
4. A New Way of Manufacturing and Living
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
5. Forecasting and Backcasting
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
6. Lifestyles Envisioned

Kuperus, Gerard - Ontologies of Nature, ebook

Ontologies of Nature

Kuperus, Gerard


Folding Nature Back Upon Itself: Aristotle and the Rebirth of Physis
Marjolein Oele
Part II. The Modern Turn in Nature
4. Kant’s “Other Nature”
Angelica Nuzzo
5. Hegel’s Anti-ontology of Nature
Sebastian Rand
6. Novalis, Nature,

Drenthen, Martin A. M. - New Visions of Nature, ebook

New Visions of Nature

Drenthen, Martin A. M.


Technological Nature – And the Problem When Good Enough Becomes Good
Peter H. Kahn, Rachel L. Severson, Jolina H. Ruckert
4. They Could Have Used a Robot: Technology, Nature Experience and Human Flourishing

Ingham, Geoffrey - The Nature of Money, ebook

The Nature of Money

Ingham, Geoffrey


In this important new book, Geoffrey Ingham draws on neglected traditions in the social sciences to develop a theory of the ‘social relation’ of money.
Genuinely multidisciplinary approach, based on a thorough knowledge of theories of money…