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Silvestri, Michael - Ireland and India, ebook

Ireland and India

Silvestri, Michael


‘The Remains of Ireland’s Loneliest Martyr’: The Commemoration of the Connaught Rangers Mutiny
Michael Silvestri
7. ‘Enemies of the Empire’? The Imperial Context of the Connaught Rangers Mutiny
Michael Silvestri
8. Conclusion

Lowe, Peter - Contending with Nationalism and Communism, ebook

Contending with Nationalism and Communism

Lowe, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Lowe
2. The Return of Colonialism, 1945–48
Peter Lowe
3. The Communist Challenges in Malaya and Indochina
Peter Lowe
4. Two Approaches to Containing Communism: The Colombo Plan and SEATO
Peter Lowe
5. Democracy, Communism and Militarism in Burma, 1948–65

Maloba, W. O. - Kenyatta and Britain, ebook

Kenyatta and Britain

Maloba, W. O.


Back Home: Politics of Nationalism, Mau Mau, Prison, and Surveillance
W. O. Maloba
6. “Let Jomo Go”: Defining and Framing a Symbol
W. O. Maloba
7. The Search for Alternatives
W. O. Maloba
8. The Turning Point: Kenyatta and Malcolm MacDonald

Bew, Paul - Ireland: The Politics of Enmity 1789-2006, ebook

Ireland: The Politics of Enmity 1789-2006

Bew, Paul


The Politics of Enmity embodies a new approach to this issue, analysing key issues from religious discrimination, and famine, to the passions of both nationalism and unionism. Re-evaluating British political leadership and its approach towards Ireland,

Marsh, Brandon - Ramparts of Empire, ebook

Ramparts of Empire

Marsh, Brandon


A Cigarette in a Powder Magazine: The Frontier, Nationalism, and Reform, 1919–1930
Brandon Marsh
Part II. The North-West Frontier and the Nationalist Challenge
5. “A Considerable Degree of Supineness”: Nationalism