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Kingston, Jeff - Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945, ebook

Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945

Kingston, Jeff


Using a comparative, interdisciplinary approach, Nationalism in Asia analyzes currents of nationalism in five contemporary Asian societies: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. Explores the ways in which nationalism

Nurmi, Ismo - Slovakia - a playground for nationalism and national identity, ebook

Slovakia - a playground for nationalism and national identity

Nurmi, Ismo


National identities and nationalism especially in the European context have aroused lots of current interest among scholars from a wide variety of academic disciplines, and the topic most certainly will continue to attract further attention also in the future. A great number of the studies

Chakraborty, Kaustav - Tagore and Nationalism, ebook

Tagore and Nationalism

Chakraborty, Kaustav


Nationalism, Ambivalence and Tagore
2. Rethinking Tagore on the Antinomies of Nationalism
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
3. 1910 and the Evolution of Rabindranath Tagore’s Vernacular Nationalism
Krishna Sen
4. Language, Nationalism and Tagore

Puri, Jyoti - Encountering Nationalism, ebook

Encountering Nationalism

Puri, Jyoti


Encountering Nationalism introduces students to concepts of nationalism in an accessible, critical, and timely way. Abstract arguments are bolstered by clear and specific examples drawn from momentous events and from the well of everyday life, such as

Ichijo, Atsuko - Nationalism and Multiple Modernities, ebook

Nationalism and Multiple Modernities

Ichijo, Atsuko


Multiple Modernities and Nationalism: Theoretical Exploration
Atsuko Ichijo
4. The Anglo-British Case: The Archetype?
Atsuko Ichijo
5. The Finnish Case: Late Modernity at the Edge of Europe
Atsuko Ichijo
6. The Japanese Case: Non-European Modernity

Dieckhoff, Alain - Revisiting Nationalism, ebook

Revisiting Nationalism

Dieckhoff, Alain


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alain Dieckhoff, Christophe Jaffrelot
Part I. Types and Theories
2. For a Theory of Nationalism
Christophe Jaffrelot
3. Beyond Conventional Wisdom
Alain Dieckhoff
4. Social Theory and Nationalism
Pierre Birnbaum
5. Nationalism and Multiculturalism

Aktar, Ayhan - Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle, ebook

Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle

Aktar, Ayhan


Turkish and Greek Nationalisms: Past and Present
2. Conversion of a ‘Country’ into a ‘Fatherland’: The Case of Turkification Examined, 1923–1934
Ayhan Aktar
3. The Use and Abuse of Archaeology and Anthropology in Formulating the Turkish Nationalist