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Gustafson, Ruth Iana - Race and Curriculum, ebook

Race and Curriculum

Gustafson, Ruth Iana


Reason, Ventriloquism, and National Music Memory Contests
Ruth Iana Gustafson
8. The Listening Body and the Power of the Good Ear
Ruth Iana Gustafson
9. Aural Icons and Social Outcasts
Ruth Iana Gustafson
10. Rethinking Participatory Limits

Deng, Zongyi - Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum, ebook

Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum

Deng, Zongyi


Globalization, Curriculum Reform, Vision and Discourses
2. Globalization, the State and Curriculum Reform
S. Gopinathan, Abu Bakar Mardiana
3. Aims of Schooling for the Twenty-First Century: The Desired Outcomes of Education
Jason Tan
4. A Vision

Li, Yeping - Mathematics Curriculum in School Education, ebook

Mathematics Curriculum in School Education

Li, Yeping


Mathematics Curriculum in School Education: Advancing Research and Practice from an International Perspective
Yeping Li, Glenda Lappan
2. Curriculum Design and Systemic Change
Hugh Burkhardt
3. Mathematics Curriculum

Lovorn, Michael - Globalisation and Historiography of National Leaders, ebook

Globalisation and Historiography of National Leaders

Lovorn, Michael


Research Trends in Globalisation and Historiography of National Leaders: Symbolic Representations in School Textbooks: Europe and Russia
2. Russian History Textbooks in the Putin Era: Heroic Leaders Demand Loyal Citizens
Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, Alan Stoskopf