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Yan, Yanni - Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance in China, ebook

Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance in China

Yan, Yanni


Table of contents
Part I. Foreign Investment in Transitional Economies
1. The Rise of the Transitional Economies
Yanni Yan
2. Foreign Direct Investment
Yanni Yan
Part II. Building Blocks for Corporate Governance
3. Building Blocks for National Institutions
Yanni Yan
4. Building Blocks for Corporate

Brienza, Casey - Cultures of Comics Work, ebook

Cultures of Comics Work

Brienza, Casey


Between Art and the Underground: From Corporate to Collaborative Comics in India
Jeremy Stoll
4. Making Comics as Artisans: Comic Book Production in Colombia
Fernando Suárez, Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed
5. Nuestro Futuro ¿Hombres Libres, O Esclavos?:

Boubaker, Sabri - Corporate Governance, ebook

Corporate Governance

Boubaker, Sabri


Does One Size Fit All? A Study of the Simultaneous Relations Among Ownership, Corporate Governance Mechanisms, and the Financial Performance of Firms in China
Michael A. Firth, Oliver M. Rui
3. The Role of Multiple Large Shareholders in Public Listed Firms:

Lippert, Randy K. - Corporate Security in the 21st Century, ebook

Corporate Security in the 21st Century

Lippert, Randy K.


Making Sense of Corporate Security: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives
2. Corporate Security at Ford Motor Company: From the Great War to the Cold War
Robert P. Weiss
3. Beyond the Regulatory Gaze? Corporate Security,

Li, Jian - International Transfer Pricing in Asia Pacific, ebook

International Transfer Pricing in Asia Pacific

Li, Jian


Table of contents
1. Global Trading Issues
Jian Li, Alan Paisey
2. Company and Government Interests
Jian Li, Alan Paisey
3. Influential Regulations
Jian Li, Alan Paisey
4. Determining Factors
Jian Li, Alan Paisey
5. Preparing for Research
Jian Li, Alan Paisey
6. Research Participants

Berry, Chris - Chinese Film Festivals, ebook

Chinese Film Festivals

Berry, Chris


“Mature at Birth”: The Beijing International Film Festival Between the National Film Industry and the Global Film Festival Circuit
Elena Pollacchi
4. Culture Translation Between “Local” and “International”: The Golden Harvest Award in Taiwan