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Sercombe, Peter - Language, Education and Nation-building, ebook

Language, Education and Nation-building

Sercombe, Peter


Language, Education and Nation-building in Southeast Asia: An Introduction
Ruanni Tupas, Peter Sercombe
2. Brunei Darussalam: Issues of Language, Identity and Education
Peter Sercombe
3. Diversity and ‘Development’:

Fuller, Harcourt - Building the Ghanaian Nation-State, ebook

Building the Ghanaian Nation-State

Fuller, Harcourt


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Harcourt Fuller
2. Banal Symbols of the New Nation-State
Harcourt Fuller
3. Philatelic Nationalism
Harcourt Fuller
4. Economic Nationalism
Harcourt Fuller
5. Civitatis Ghaniensis Conditor
Harcourt Fuller
6. Exhibiting the Nation
Harcourt Fuller

Tzanelli, Rodanthi - Nation-Building and Identity in Europe, ebook

Nation-Building and Identity in Europe

Tzanelli, Rodanthi


Table of contents
1. Europe, Nationhood and the Dialogics of Reciprocity
Rodanthi Tzanelli
Part I. Crime and Disorder
2. Brigands, Nationalists and Colonial Discourse
Rodanthi Tzanelli
3. Crime, Identity and Historical Legacy

Ahmed, Mohammed M. A. - Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building, ebook

Iraqi Kurds and Nation-Building

Ahmed, Mohammed M. A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mohammed M. A. Ahmed
2. Emergence of Kurdistan Regional Government
Mohammed M. A. Ahmed
3. Kurdish Leadership Style and Internal Disputes
Mohammed M. A. Ahmed
4. Political and Diplomatic Evolution

Mans, Minette - Music as Instrument of Diversity and Unity, ebook

Music as Instrument of Diversity and Unity

Mans, Minette


It provides a broad overview of music emanating from different cultural practices in Namibia, and relates this to the State's political strategies for ensuring unity and nation-building through policy-making, education and broadcast

Türköz, Meltem - Naming and Nation-building in Turkey, ebook

Naming and Nation-building in Turkey

Türköz, Meltem


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Surnames and the Construction of Turkish Citizens
Meltem Türköz
2. Intellectual Precursors and Cultural Context: Turkology, Language Reform, and Surnames
Meltem Türköz
3. Making, Disseminating,…

Morris, Peter J. T. - Science for the Nation, ebook

Science for the Nation

Morris, Peter J. T.


‘A Worthy and Suitable House’: The Science Museum Buildings and the Temporality of Space
David Rooney
9. Exhibiting Science: Changing Conceptions of Science Museum Display
Andrew Nahum
10. Beyond the Children’s Gallery: The Influence of Children