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Ibbotson, Piers - The Illusion of Leadership, ebook

The Illusion of Leadership

Ibbotson, Piers


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Piers Ibbotson
2. Creativity – Myths and Legends
Piers Ibbotson
3. The Illusion of Leadership
Piers Ibbotson
4. Project-Managing a Work of Art
Piers Ibbotson
5. Great Directing: A Case Study
Piers Ibbotson
6. Hierarchy and Status Games

Harrison, Judith R. - The Energetic Brain: Understanding and Managing ADHD, ebook

The Energetic Brain: Understanding and Managing ADHD

Harrison, Judith R.


How to get past the myths, tap into the creativity of the ADHD mind, and thrive
ADHD affects millions of people-some 3 to 5% of the general population. Written by a neuroscientist who has studied ADHD, a clinician who has diagnosed and treated it for 30 years, and a special educator who