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Roberts, Thomas B. - Psychedelic Horizons, ebook

Psychedelic Horizons

Roberts, Thomas B.


Rather than describing psychedelic experiences, it presents four future-oriented ideas 'coming over the psychedelic horizon', which illustrate the potential benefits of psychedelics for humanity: * Stanislav Grof's view of our minds as a way to understand works of

Daniels, Michael - Shadow, Self, Spirit, ebook

Shadow, Self, Spirit

Daniels, Michael


Transpersonal Psychology concerns the study of those states and processes in which people experience a deeper sense of who they are, or a greater sense of connectedness with others, with nature, or the spiritual dimension. Pioneered by respected researchers such as Jung, Maslow and Tart,

Kurzweil, Arthur - Kabbalah For Dummies, ebook

Kabbalah For Dummies

Kurzweil, Arthur


Kabbalah For Dummies presents a balanced perspective of Kabbalah as an “umbrella” for a complex assemblage of mystical Jewish teachings and codification techniques. Kabbalah For Dummies also shows how Kabbalah simultaneously presents an approach to the study of text, the

Harmless, William - Mystics, ebook


Harmless, William


Mystics are path-breaking religious practitioners who claim to have experienced the infinite, word-defying Mystery that is God. Many have been gifted writers with an uncanny ability to communicate the great realities of life with both a theologian's precision and a poet's lyricism. They