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Cotton, Maggie - The Classical Music Quiz Book, ebook

The Classical Music Quiz Book

Cotton, Maggie


Do you enjoy listening to classical music? Are you familiar with well-known composers and the music they created? Can you tell the difference between Boccherini and Birtwistle, or maybe you would like to be able to? If you answered yes to any of these

Oja, Carol J. - Making Music Modern : New York in the 1920s, ebook

Making Music Modern : New York in the 1920s

Oja, Carol J.


An Introduction: The Modern Music Shop Enter the Moderns 1. Leo Ornstein: "Wild Man" of the 1910s 2. Creating a God: The Reception of Edgar Varese 3. The Arrival of European Modernism The Machine in the Concert Hall 4. Engineers of Art 5. Ballet

Hess, Carol A. - Sacred Passions : The Life and Music of Manuel de Falla, ebook

Sacred Passions : The Life and Music of Manuel de Falla

Hess, Carol A.


Yet his music has met with conflicting reactions, depending on the audience. In his native Spain, Falla is considered the most innovative composer of the first half of the twentieth century. Likewise, in the United States, Falla enjoyed a strong following in the concert

Brown, Barry - Consuming Music Together, ebook

Consuming Music Together

Brown, Barry


Consuming Music Together: Introduction and Overview
Kenton O’Hara, Barry Brown
2. Music and Emotion in Real Time
Tia DeNora
Part 2. Sharing Music
3. Sharing and Listening to Music
Barry Brown, Abigail Sellen
4. Social Practices Around Itunes

Todd, R. Larry - Mendelssohn : A Life in Music, ebook

Mendelssohn : A Life in Music

Todd, R. Larry


Lionized in his lifetime, he is best remembered today for several staples of the concert hall and for such popular music as "The Wedding March" and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing." Now, in the first major Mendelssohn biography

Muir, Janet - Masks and Faces, ebook

Masks and Faces

Muir, Janet


A music-hall star famous for his comic songs and his ability to ‘pull mugs’, Harry - a seasoned traveler - was on his way from New York to his home in London, after a busy season appearing in a play by W H Crane. As the crew