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Adorno, Theodor W. - Current of Music, ebook

Current of Music

Adorno, Theodor W.


During these years, he was intensively involved in a study of how the recently developed techniques for the nation-wide transmission of music over radio were transforming the perception of music itself. This broad ranging radio

Agawu, Kofi - Music as Discourse, ebook

Music as Discourse

Agawu, Kofi


Music as Language 2. Criteria for Analysis I 3. Criteria for Analysis II 4. Bridges to Free Composition 5. Paradigmatic Analysis Part 2: Analyses 6. Liszt, Orpheus (1853-4) 7. Brahms, Intermezzo, op. 119 no.2 (1893), Brahms, Symphony no. 1/ii (1872-76) 8.

Garrido, Sandra - Why Are We Attracted to Sad Music?, ebook

Why Are We Attracted to Sad Music?

Garrido, Sandra


A Historical Overview of Music and Mood Regulation
Sandra Garrido
6. The Role of Sad Music in Mood Regulation
Sandra Garrido
7. Individual Differences in the Attraction to Sad Music
Sandra Garrido
8. Mood

White, Harry - Music and the Irish Literary Imagination, ebook

Music and the Irish Literary Imagination

White, Harry


This new reading of Irish literature identifies, for the first time, the formative influence of music in Irish writing over the past 200 years. Although this influence has long been acknowledged in studies of Shaw and Joyce, White explores music as an

Manning, David - Vaughan Williams on Music, ebook

Vaughan Williams on Music

Manning, David


Section 1: Musical Life and English Music 1. The Romantic Movement and its Results 2. A School of English Music 3. The Soporific Finale 4. Good Taste 5. A Sermon to Vocalists 6. Preface to The English Hymnal 7. Who Wants the English Composer?

Hesmondhalgh, David - Why Music Matters, ebook

Why Music Matters

Hesmondhalgh, David

From 26,20€

Listen to David Hesmondhalgh discuss the arguments at the core of 'Why Music Matters' with Laurie Taylor on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed here.
In what ways might music enrich the lives of people and of societies? What prevents it from doing so?

Lewin, David - Studies in Music with Text, ebook

Studies in Music with Text

Lewin, David


Hailed by the New Grove Dictionary of Music (2nd edition) as "the most original and far-ranging theorist of his generation," David Lewin (1933-2003) explored for over four decades how composers in the German tradition set poetry and drama to music. He

Hillier, Paul - Writings on Music, 1965-2000, ebook

Writings on Music, 1965-2000

Hillier, Paul


Throughout his career, Reich has continued to reinvigorate the music world, drawing from a wide array of classical, popular, sacred, and non-western idioms. His works reflect the steady evolution of an original musical mind. Writings on Music

Koelsch, Stefan - Brain and Music, ebook

Brain and Music

Koelsch, Stefan


A comprehensive survey of the latest neuroscientific research into the effects of music on the brainCovers a variety of topics fundamental for music perception, including musical syntax, musical semantics, music