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Cookman, Lesley - Murder by the Sea, ebook

Murder by the Sea

Cookman, Lesley


Brought into the investigation, Fran naturally asks her friend Libby Sarjeant to help, but they soon find themselves up to their knees in more mud and murder than they could possibly have anticipated.

Cookman, Lesley - Murder in Bloom, ebook

Murder in Bloom

Cookman, Lesley


'Floundering in the footsteps of a deliberately downplayed police enquiry, Libby manages to stir up more mud than the rotavator'. When television personality Lewis Osbourne-Walker buys Creekmarsh Place, near Steeple Martin in Kent, Libby Sarjeant's son…

Cookman, Lesley - Murder in the Green, ebook

Murder in the Green

Cookman, Lesley


The sixth in the Libby Sarjeant series sees Libby and her friend Fran involved in the strange rituals of the local Morris Men, when one of them is found dead on May Day and another seems to have vanished into thin air. Libby goes out of her comfort zone…

Ewing, Charles Patrick - Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law, ebook

Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law

Ewing, Charles Patrick


This book is the product of many minds. Mariclaire Cloutier, executive editor at Oxford University Press, deserves special credit for reshaping my original proposal for this book. Though I wrote the book, it was largely her idea. Andrea Ott, a law…

Herbert, Pat - Getting Away With Murder, ebook

Getting Away With Murder

Herbert, Pat


In 1913 suffragette Ameline Stroud-Sinclair and her husband disappear from their South London home under mysterious circumstances. The scene shifts to 1958, where Barney Carmichael, a former juggler turned private detective, is hired by Hortense to find…

Morrall, Peter - Murder and Society, ebook

Murder and Society

Morrall, Peter


There are millions of primary and secondary victims of murder throughout the world, and human society as a whole is a tertiary victim of murder. Despite this, people are often fascinated and engrossed by stories of homicide and

Andriacco, Dan - Bookmarked For Murder, ebook

Bookmarked For Murder

Andriacco, Dan


And early one morning, it becomes the scene of a murder when a body is found in the romance section. Is the steamy novel, Love’s Dark Secret, clutched in the victim’s handa clue to the killer? Or is it more significant that the murder

Andriacco, Dan - The 1895 Murder, ebook

The 1895 Murder

Andriacco, Dan


On opening night, however, his Erin, Ohio theatrical debut as both playwright and actor is upstaged by a murder in back of the newly renovated theater. His brother-in-law, Jeff Cody, evicted from his long-time apartment to make room for fiancée Lynda Teal's gun-toting

The Murder Game

The Murder Game

Lee, M J


Haunted by the past and riven with tension, The Murder Game is hair-raising and unputdownable, perfect for fans of Philip Kerr and David Young.