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Christensen, William F. - Methods of Multivariate Analysis, ebook

Methods of Multivariate Analysis

Christensen, William F.


Praise for the Second Edition
"This book is a systematic, well-written, well-organized text on multivariate analysis packed with intuition and insight . . . There is much practical wisdom in this book that is hard to find elsewhere."

Bishop, Yvonne M. M. - Discrete Multivariate Analysis Theory and Practice, ebook

Discrete Multivariate Analysis Theory and Practice

Bishop, Yvonne M. M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Structural Models For Counted Data
3. Maximum Likelihood Estimates For Complete Tables
4. Formal Goodness Of Fit: Summary Statistics And Model Selection
5. Maximum Likelihood Estimation For Incomplete Tables
6. Estimating The Size Of A Closed Population
7. Models For

Muirhead, Robb J. - Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory, ebook

Aspects of Multivariate Statistical Theory

Muirhead, Robb J.


the wealth of material on statistics concerning the multivariate normal distribution is quite exceptional. As such it is a very useful source of information for the general statistician and a must for anyone wanting to penetrate deeper into the multivariate field."