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Multiple authors - Lean enterprise value, ebook

Lean enterprise value

Multiple authors


Lean enterprise value -Insights from MIT's Lean Aerospace Initiative Lean Production transformed the way that companies think about production and manufacturing. This book provides a new challenge. It arises from the work of the Lean Aerospace Initiative…

Moehler, Thomas - Multiple Myeloma, ebook

Multiple Myeloma

Moehler, Thomas


Molecular Pathogenesis of Multiple Myeloma: Chromosomal Aberrations, Changes in Gene Expression, Cytokine Networks, and the Bone Marrow Microenvironment
Bernard Klein, Anja Seckinger, Thomas Moehler, Dirk Hose
4. Angiogenesis and Vasculogenesis in Multiple

Gertz, Morie A. - Multiple Myeloma, ebook

Multiple Myeloma

Gertz, Morie A.


The Role of Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma, Plasmacytoma, and Other Plasma Cell Disorders
Prashant Kapoor, James A. Martenson
20. Neurologic Complications of Myeloma
Chafic Y. Karam, Michelle L. Mauermann
21. Myeloma Cast Nephropathy

Aserin, A. - Multiple Emulsion: Technology and Applications, ebook

Multiple Emulsion: Technology and Applications

Aserin, A.


The Comprehensive, Single-Source Reference on Multiple Emulsions
In theory, multiple emulsions have significant potential for breakthrough applications in food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries in which they can facilitate the sustained release and

Weiner, Howard L. - Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy, ebook

Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy

Weiner, Howard L.


Designed for both neurologists and non-neurologists, Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Therapy takes a practical approach to the most current principles of diagnosis and management of this complex disease. Editors and authors from Harvard Medical School have contributed up-to-date therapeutic

Alayan, Samira - Multiple Alterities, ebook

Multiple Alterities

Alayan, Samira


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Views of Others in School Textbooks—A Theoretical Analysis
Samira Alayan, Elie Podeh
2. When Europe Meets the Middle East: Constructing Collective Identities in Social Studies Textbooks for a Globalising…