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Li, David C.S. - Multilingual Hong Kong: Languages, Literacies and Identities, ebook

Multilingual Hong Kong: Languages, Literacies and Identities

Li, David C.S.


Table of contents
1. The Hong Kong Language Context
David C. S. Li
2. Language Contact: Sociolinguistic Context and Linguistic Outcomes
David C. S. Li
3. Challenges in Acquiring Standard Written Chinese and Putonghua
David C. S. Li
4. Challenges in Acquiring English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Lorz, Alexander - Translation Issues in Language and Law, ebook

Translation Issues in Language and Law

Lorz, Alexander


Introduction: Forensic Translation — Practical Issues and their Theoretical Underpinnings
Dieter Stein
Part I. Language and Different Law Cultures
2. Legal Cultures — Legal Languages
Uwe Kischel
3. Language as a Barrier to Comparative Law

Benson, Carol - Language Issues in Comparative Education, ebook

Language Issues in Comparative Education

Benson, Carol


Teaching and Assessing Independent Reading Skills in Multilingual African Countries
Leila Schroeder
15. Exploring the Development of Reading in Multilingual Education Programs
Stephen L. Walter
16. Towards Adopting

Murray, Neil - Dynamic Ecologies, ebook

Dynamic Ecologies

Murray, Neil


Table of contents
Part I. The Changing Dynamics Between English Language and Mother Tongues in Asian Contexts
1. Introduction: A Relational View of Language Learning
Neil Murray, Angela Scarino
2. English as a Medium of Instruction in East and Southeast Asian Universities
Andy Kirkpatrick
3. Plurilithic

Deterding, David - Researching Chinese English: the State of the Art, ebook

Researching Chinese English: the State of the Art

Deterding, David


Table of contents
1. What We Know about Chinese English: Status, Issues and Trends
Zhichang Xu, David Deterding, Deyuan He
Part I. Researching Chinese English Pronunciation
2. The Pronunciation of English in Guangxi: Which Features Cause Misunderstandings?
David Deterding
3. The Hong Kong English Syllable