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Liyanage, Indika - Multilingual Education Yearbook 2018, ebook

Multilingual Education Yearbook 2018

Liyanage, Indika


Internationalization of Higher Education, Mobility, and Multilingualism
Indika Liyanage
2. Challenging Dominant Epistemologies in Higher Education: The Role of Language in the Geopolitics of Knowledge (Re)Production

Trent, John - Language Teacher Education in a Multilingual Context, ebook

Language Teacher Education in a Multilingual Context

Trent, John


Being a Teacher in Multilingual Hong Kong: Motivation and Challenges
2. It Is Not a Bad Idea for Me to Be a Language Teacher!
John Trent, Xuesong Gao, Mingyue Gu
3. Cross-Border Pre-service Teachers in Hong Kong: Identity and Integration
John Trent,

Avermaet, Piet Van - The Multilingual Edge of Education, ebook

The Multilingual Edge of Education

Avermaet, Piet Van


Introduction: The Multilingual Edge of Education
Piet Avermaet, Stef Slembrouck, Koen Gorp, Sven Sierens, Katrijn Maryns
Part I. Multilingualism in Education in a Context of Globalisation: A Status Quaestionis
2. Strategies

Gorter, Durk - Minority Languages and Multilingual Education, ebook

Minority Languages and Multilingual Education

Gorter, Durk


Introduction: Minority Language Education Facing Major Local and Global Challenges
Durk Gorter, Victoria Zenotz, Jasone Cenoz
2. Adopting a Multilingual Habitus: What North and South Can Learn from Each Other About the

Groff, Cynthia - The Ecology of Language in Multilingual India, ebook

The Ecology of Language in Multilingual India

Groff, Cynthia


National-Level Language and Education Policies in India: Kumaunis as Linguistic Minorities
Cynthia Groff
4. Language and Ethnography: Conducting Research in the Kumaun
Cynthia Groff
5. Language Use and Language Labels in Community: Bhasha and Boli