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Modood, Tariq - Multiculturalism, ebook


Modood, Tariq


At a time when many public commentators are turning against multiculturalism in response to fears about militant Islam, immigration or social cohesion, Tariq Modood, one of the world's leading authorities on multiculturalism, provides a distinctive contribution

Vesa, Korhonen - Cross-cultural Lifelong Learning, ebook

Cross-cultural Lifelong Learning

Vesa, Korhonen


Globalisation, internationalisation, multiculturalism, immigration, and growing number of cross-cultural encounters are colorising the everyday life both in Western and Eastern parts of the world. However, in most cases, lifelong learning is normally studied in and around a certain condensed

Fleras, Augie - The Politics of Multiculturalism, ebook

The Politics of Multiculturalism

Fleras, Augie


Managing Difference, Making a Difference: Multiculturalism as Inclusive Governance in Canada
Augie Fleras
4. Multiculturalisms in the United States: Multicultural Governances, American Style
Augie Fleras
5. Multiculturalisms “Down Under”: Multicultural

Velayutham, Selvaraj - Everyday Multiculturalism, ebook

Everyday Multiculturalism

Velayutham, Selvaraj


Introduction: Multiculturalism and Everyday Life
Amanda Wise, Selvaraj Velayutham
Part I. Neighbourhoods
2. Everyday Multiculturalism: Transversal Crossings and Working Class Cosmopolitans
Amanda Wise
3. Everyday

Macey, Marie - Multiculturalism, Religion and Women, ebook

Multiculturalism, Religion and Women

Macey, Marie


Table of contents
1. The What and Why of Multiculturalism(s)
Marie Macey
2. Multiculturalism, God and Gender
Marie Macey
3. Multiculturalism in Practice: Forced Marriage
Marie Macey
4. Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy
Marie Macey
5. So What’s Wrong with Multiculturalism?

Moran, Anthony - The Public Life of Australian Multiculturalism, ebook

The Public Life of Australian Multiculturalism

Moran, Anthony


Multiculturalism, Australian Style: Official Multiculturalism from Whitlam to Fraser
Anthony Moran
3. Multiculturalism as Social Justice: The Hawke and Keating Governments
Anthony Moran
4. Enduring in Practice if Not in Name?—Official Multiculturalism