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Church, Geno - Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements, ebook

Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements

Church, Geno


Develop and harness a powerful, sustainable word-of-mouth movement
How did the 360-year-old scissor company, Fiskars, double its profit in key markets just by realizing its customers had already formed a community of avid scrapbookers? How is Best Buy planning to dominate the musical instruments market? By understanding

Lans, Ralf van der - Handbook of Marketing Decision Models, ebook

Handbook of Marketing Decision Models

Lans, Ralf van der


Structural Models in Marketing: Consumer Demand and Search
Pradeep Chintagunta
7. Economic Models of Choice
Greg M. Allenby, Jaehwan Kim, Peter E. Rossi
8. Empirical Models of Learning Dynamics: A Survey of Recent Developments
Andrew T. Ching,

Teboul, James - Service is Front Stage, ebook

Service is Front Stage

Teboul, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Teboul
2. Toward a New Definition of Services
James Teboul
3. Services: The Front-Stage Experience
James Teboul
4. The Service Triangle
James Teboul
5. The Service-Intensity Matrix
James Teboul
6. Finding and Keeping the Fit
James Teboul