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Field, Eugene - The Mouse and the Moonbeam, ebook

The Mouse and the Moonbeam

Field, Eugene


Eugene Field’s The Mouse and the Moonbeam is a sweet Christmas tale. The main characters are a mauve rat, a moonbeam, and an old clock that speak of the past gathered in a corner. The mouse is happy because it is Christmas Eve and he tells about his

Harvey, Keith - Tiberius and the Mouse from the Moon, ebook

Tiberius and the Mouse from the Moon

Harvey, Keith


This is a wonderfully illustrated children's picturebook about Tiberius, a brave little mouse who has many adventures. In this story, Drag sees a mouse - in a spacesuit, which frightens him. Who is it? What does he do and where is Tiberius?

Barrett, Gary W. - The Golden Mouse, ebook

The Golden Mouse

Barrett, Gary W.


The Golden Mouse: A Levels-of-Organization Perspective
Gary W. Barrett
2. The Golden Mouse: Taxonomy and Natural History
George A. Feldhamer, Donald W. Linzey
2. Levels of Organization
3. Population Ecology of

Habu, Sonoko - Humanized Mice, ebook

Humanized Mice

Habu, Sonoko


Humanized SCID Mouse Models for Biomedical Research
T. Pearson, D. L. Greiner, L. D. Shultz
3. NOD/Shi-scid IL2r?null (NOG) Mice More Appropriate for Humanized Mouse Models
M. Ito, K. Kobayashi, T. Nakahata
4. Humanizing

Brakebusch, Cord - Mouse as a Model Organism, ebook

Mouse as a Model Organism

Brakebusch, Cord


The German Mouse Clinic – Running an Open Access Platform
Valérie Gailus-Durner, Beatrix Naton, Thure Adler, Luciana Afonso, Juan Antonio Aguilar-Pimentel, Lore Becker, Julia Calzada-Wack, Christian Cohrs, Patricia Silva-Buttkus, Wolfgang Hans, Marion Horsch,

UNKNOWN - Postimplantation Development in the Mouse, ebook

Postimplantation Development in the Mouse



Although it concentrates on the mouse as an example of mammalian development--chick, amphibian and Drosophila embryogenesis are employed whenever these organisms are more applicable to the study of a particular problem.

Mahoney, James - From Elephants to Mice: Animals Who Have Touched My Soul, ebook

From Elephants to Mice: Animals Who Have Touched My Soul

Mahoney, James


A heartfelt narrative on the many ways animals touch our lives
From wild Asian elephants to chimpanzees in a research laboratory to "lowly" field mice, this beautifully written narrative tells the stories of all kinds of animals and the many profound ways they have touched the life

Lamoreux, M. Lynn - The Colors of Mice: A Model Genetic Network, ebook

The Colors of Mice: A Model Genetic Network

Lamoreux, M. Lynn


Serving the needs of pigment cell biologists, cellular physiologists, developmental geneticists, researchers interested in melanoma and more, this new book brings to market a blend of new technologies and new insights in the fields of both pigmentation and mouse geneticists. It will include