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Cooper, Dana - Motherhood in Antiquity, ebook

Motherhood in Antiquity

Cooper, Dana


“I Arose a Mother in Israel”: Motherhood as a Liberating Power in the Biblical Stories of Miriam and Deborah
Dvora Lederman-Daniely
3. Models of Devotion?: The Rhetoric of Ambivalence and Admonition in Late Antique and Early Christian Discourse on Women

Hardy, Sarah - Motherhood and Space, ebook

Motherhood and Space

Hardy, Sarah


Motherhood and Spaces of Civic Culture
2. MotherSpace: Disciplining through the Material and Discursive
Marsha Marotta
3. “Magdalene versus the Nation”: Ireland as a Space of Compulsory Motherhood in Edna O’Brien’s

Cooper, Dana - Motherhood and War, ebook

Motherhood and War

Cooper, Dana


Social Trauma and Motherhood in Postwar Spain
Lorraine Ryan
9. Barbara Hepworth and War
Lyrica Taylor
10. War Opponents and Proponents
Udi Lebel
11. Reproducing a Culture of Martyrdom
Michael Loadenthal
12. Motherhood as a Space of Political

Ryan-Flood, Róisín - Lesbian Motherhood, ebook

Lesbian Motherhood

Ryan-Flood, Róisín


Table of contents
1. Introduction — Charting the Lesbian Baby Boom
Róisín Ryan-Flood
2. Gender, Families and Social Change
Róisín Ryan-Flood
3. In Search of Doctors, Donors and Daddies: Lesbian Reproductive Decision-Making

Smyth, Lisa - The Demands of Motherhood, ebook

The Demands of Motherhood

Smyth, Lisa


Authentic Motherhood: Expressive Individualism
Lisa Smyth
5. Choosing Motherhood: Rational Planning
Lisa Smyth
6. Balancing Acts: Maternal Pragmatism
Lisa Smyth
7. Conclusion
Lisa Smyth

Komporaly, Jozefina - Staging Motherhood, ebook

Staging Motherhood

Komporaly, Jozefina


Rethinking Motherhood: Instances of Proto-Feminism
Jozefina Komporaly
3. Irreversible Choice: Female Professional Success
Jozefina Komporaly
4. Challenging the Bond: Mothers versus Daughters
Jozefina Komporaly
5. Daughters as Mothers: The Teenager

D’Amelio, Maria Elena - Italian Motherhood on Screen, ebook

Italian Motherhood on Screen

D’Amelio, Maria Elena


Motherhood and the Body Politics
8. Francesca Comencini’s Single Moms and Italian Family Law
Maria Letizia Bellocchio
9. Gy-neology and Genealogy of a Female Filmmaker: The Case of Susanna Nicchiarelli’s Films
Silvia Carlorosi
10. Unnatural

Akker, Olga B.A. van den - Surrogate Motherhood Families, ebook

Surrogate Motherhood Families

Akker, Olga B.A. van den


Surrogate Motherhood in Historical, Theoretical, Research and Organisational Contexts
1. Introduction to Surrogacy: Historical and Present Day Context
Olga B. A. van den Akker
2. Theoretical Perspectives and the Social Context
Olga B. A. van den Akker

Muzik, Maria - Motherhood in the Face of Trauma, ebook

Motherhood in the Face of Trauma

Muzik, Maria


Childhood Maltreatment and Motherhood: Implications for Maternal Well-Being and Mothering
Diana Morelen, Katherine Lisa Rosenblum, Maria Muzik
3. The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on the Early Caregiving System
Alytia A. Levendosky, G. Anne Bogat,