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Joyce, James - A Mother, ebook

A Mother

Joyce, James


A Mother is a short story by James Joyce, perhaps the most celebrated and influential author of the 20th century. Though Joyce is best known for his seminal books Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, he also wrote many short stories with most being set in Dublin. These stories are a far more approachable

Lapayese, Yvette V. - Mother-Scholar, ebook


Lapayese, Yvette V.


Table of contents
1. Mother-Scholar
Yvette V. Lapayese
2. Androcentrism in Schools
Yvette V. Lapayese
3. Mother-Scholars Intellectualize the Private Sphere
Yvette V. Lapayese
4. Mother-Scholars Maternalize the “Public” Sphere
Yvette V. Lapayese
5. Mother-Scholars Navigate the “Third Space”

Andersen, Hans Christian - The Story of a Mother, ebook

The Story of a Mother

Andersen, Hans Christian


A child is gravely ill and his mother has already spent three nights at his bedside. Then, a strange man knocks on the door and she bids him enter to shelter from the cold. But, it was death himself at the door and he made the most of the mother falling

Douglas, Ann - The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, ebook

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Douglas, Ann


The ultimate guide to conception, birth, and everything in between
Unlike those other bossy, tell-you-what-to-do pregnancy books, this funny, entertaining guide presents expectant parents with all the facts they need to know about conception, birth, and everything in between. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this favorite

Salwak, Dale - Writers and Their Mothers, ebook

Writers and Their Mothers

Salwak, Dale


No Villainous Mother—The Life of Eva Larkin
Philip Pullen
9. Robert Lowell: Trapped in Charlotte’s Web
Jeffrey Meyers
Part II. Autobiographical
10. Mother Tongue: A Memoir
Ian McEwan
11. ‘Persistent Ghost’
Anthony Thwaite

Chretien, Katherine - Mothers in Medicine, ebook

Mothers in Medicine

Chretien, Katherine


Being a Mother in Medicine in Practice
Monique Tello
5. Choosing Where and How to Work
Andrea Flory
6. Balancing Work and Life
Jenni Levy
7. Sharing the Humor in Being a Mother in Medicine
Freida McFadden
8. Embracing the Mother