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Haldane, John - Art, Morality and Human Nature, ebook

Art, Morality and Human Nature

Haldane, John


This collection brings together the text of the monograph Art and Morality by the philosopher Richard Beardsmore along with fourteen other essays (both published and previously unpublished) in which he explores further some of the themes of his seminal book. With the revival of interest

Leiter, Brian - Nietzsche and Morality, ebook

Nietzsche and Morality

Leiter, Brian


This volume capitalizes on a growth of interest in Nietzsche's work on morality from historians of philosophy and from ethical theorists. In eleven new essays... Copying to clipboard limited to 5 samples

Mendus, Susan - Politics and Morality, ebook

Politics and Morality

Mendus, Susan


But are we right to display such contempt towards our elected representatives? Can politicians be morally good or is politics destined to involve dirty hands or the loss of integrity, as many modern philosophers claim? In this book, Susan Mendus seeks to address these important questions to assess whether

Hare, John E. - God and Morality: A Philosophical History, ebook

God and Morality: A Philosophical History

Hare, John E.


God and Morality evaluates the ethical theories of four principle philosophers, Aristotle, Duns Scotus, Kant, and R.M. Hare.
Uses their thinking as the basis for telling the story of the history and development of ethical thought more broadlyFocuses specifically on their writings on virtue,

Machan, Tibor R. - The Morality of Business, ebook

The Morality of Business

Machan, Tibor R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Ownership Rights and Commerce
3. Business and Capitalism
4. Taxes and Government
5. Advertising, Propaganda and Journalism
6. Jobs in a Free Country
7. Corporations and Morality

Klikauer, Thomas - Seven Management Moralities, ebook

Seven Management Moralities

Klikauer, Thomas


Seven Moralities and Management
Thomas Klikauer
3. Seven Moral Philosophies of Management
Thomas Klikauer
4. Stage 1: The Management Morality of Obedience and Punishment
Thomas Klikauer
5. Stage 2: The Management

Ryder, Richard D. - Putting Morality Back into Politics, ebook

Putting Morality Back into Politics

Ryder, Richard D.


Machiavelli almost succeeded in removing morality from European politics and, indeed, since his day it has sometimes been assumed that morality and politics are separate. Ryder argues that the time has come for public policies to be seen to be based

Engeli, Isabelle - Morality Politics in Western Europe, ebook

Morality Politics in Western Europe

Engeli, Isabelle


From Prohibition to Permissiveness: A Two-Wave Change on Morality Issues in Spain
Laura Chaqués Bonafont, Anna M. Palau Roqué
6. Morality Politics in Switzerland: Politicization through Direct Democracy
Isabelle Engeli, Frédéric Varone
7. Morality