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Adorno, Theodor W. - Problems of Moral Philosophy, ebook

Problems of Moral Philosophy

Adorno, Theodor W.


This volume makes Adorno's lectures on the problems of moral philosophy available for the first time to English-speaking readers. It is one of several volumes of Adorno's unpublished writings which are currently being published in Germany, and which

Tillman, J. Jeffrey - An Integrative Model of Moral Deliberation, ebook

An Integrative Model of Moral Deliberation

Tillman, J. Jeffrey


The Problems of Contemporary Moral Deliberation
J. Jeffrey Tillman
2. Human Embodiment and Moral Deliberation
J. Jeffrey Tillman
3. Human Sociability and Moral Deliberation
J. Jeffrey Tillman
4. Dual Process Theories and Moral Deliberation

LaFollette, Hugh - Ethics in Practice: An Anthology, ebook

Ethics in Practice: An Anthology

LaFollette, Hugh


Essays integrate ethical theory and the discussion of practical moral problems into a text that is ideal for introductory and applied ethics courses.A fully updated and revised edition of this authoritative anthology of classic

Brand, Cordula - Dual-Process Theories in Moral Psychology, ebook

Dual-Process Theories in Moral Psychology

Brand, Cordula


Dimensions of Moral Intuitions – Metaethics, Epistemology and Moral Psychology
Cordula Brand
2. Where and When Ethics Needs Empirical Facts
Dieter Birnbacher
3. Normativity of Moral Intuitions in the Social Intuitionist

Newton, Lisa H. - Business Ethics and the Natural Environment, ebook

Business Ethics and the Natural Environment

Newton, Lisa H.


•Discusses such questions as: What obligations does a corporation have toward the environment? To respect entities unprotected by law? To care about future generations?
•Argues that environmentally-friendly business practices yield dividends exceeding expectations, and that the competitive