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Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet Pocket Nice & Monaco, ebook

Lonely Planet Pocket Nice & Monaco

Planet, Lonely


Lonely Planet: The world’s number one travel guide publisher*
Lonely Planet’s Pocket Nice & Monaco is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Wander the famous Promenade des Anglais, get lost in the winding

Monaco, Beatrice - Machinic Modernism, ebook

Machinic Modernism

Monaco, Beatrice


Ulysses: The Hyperconscious Machinic Text
Beatrice Monaco
5. Ideas and Life in Conflict: Lawrence’s Later Works
Beatrice Monaco
6. Orlando and The Waves: Machinic Triumph of Form
Beatrice Monaco

Monaco, Lorenzo - Water trips, ebook

Water trips

Monaco, Lorenzo


L’ultimo giro di bevute
Lorenzo Monaco
5. Campi profughi
Lorenzo Monaco
6. I fiumi robot
Lorenzo Monaco
7. Arrivo (e nuova partenza): Acqua 2.0

Monaco, André - Development of Marine Resources, ebook

Development of Marine Resources

Monaco, André


Marine resources and their exploitation, recovery and economic networks they generate are here from the perspective now inevitable growing environmental constraints, policy management and technical innovation.
A historical perspective shows that Ocean…

Monaco, André - Vulnerability of Coastal Ecosystems and Adaptation, ebook

Vulnerability of Coastal Ecosystems and Adaptation

Monaco, André


The vulnerability of socio-ecosystem combines the probability of exposure to natural or anthropogenic pressure, sensitivity and resilience. This book presents a systemic view of the diversity of pressures and impacts produced by climate change and human…

Prouzet, Patrick - Ecosystem Sustainability and Global Change, ebook

Ecosystem Sustainability and Global Change

Prouzet, Patrick


This volume provides various examples and dimensions, chemical, biological, climatic, or related to extreme (hazards). It describes, by reciprocity, the vulnerability of ecosystems, resources, heritage, human health and, consequently, economic and social…

Monaco, André - Tools for Oceanography and Ecosystemic Modeling, ebook

Tools for Oceanography and Ecosystemic Modeling

Monaco, André


Studying the Ocean Planet requires measuring and sampling instruments to feed models that take into account its complexity.  This book presents the diversity of observation and monitoring techniques at various scales, but also different kinds of model…

Prouzet, Patrick - Ocean in the Earth System, ebook

Ocean in the Earth System

Prouzet, Patrick


Complexity is an intrinsic property of natural systems. In the oceanic system, it is linked to many interactions with the atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere with which it exchanges energy and matter.
Complexity of the ocean system has, at different…

Monaco, Andr? - The Land-Sea Interactions, ebook

The Land-Sea Interactions

Monaco, Andr?


This book presents a systemic view of the diversity of pressures and impacts produced by climate change and human actions. Erosion of biodiversity by changing ocean chemistry, the intensification of global change raises the problem of the adaptation of…