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Corey, E. J. - Molecules and Medicine, ebook

Molecules and Medicine

Corey, E. J.

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Molecules and Medicine provides, for the first time ever, a completely integrated look at chemistry, biology, drug discovery, and medicine. It delves into the discovery, application, and mode of action of more than one hundred of the most significant molecules

Berezin, Vladimir - Cell Adhesion Molecules, ebook

Cell Adhesion Molecules

Berezin, Vladimir


Cell Adhesion Molecules Belonging to the Immunoglobulin Superfamily
1. Thy-1 Modulates Neurological Cell–Cell and Cell–Matrix Interactions Through Multiple Molecular Interactions
Lisette Leyton, James S. Hagood
2. The IgCAMs CAR, BT-IgSF, and CLMP: Structure,

Wu, Jiang - Quantum Dot Molecules, ebook

Quantum Dot Molecules

Wu, Jiang


Fabrication of Semiconductor Quantum Dot Molecules: Droplet Epitaxy and Local Oxidation Nanolithography Techniques
Pablo Alonso-González, Javier Martín-Sánchez
2. InP Ring-Shaped Quantum Dot Molecules by Droplet Epitaxy

Rigler, R. - Single Molecules and Nanotechnology, ebook

Single Molecules and Nanotechnology

Rigler, R.


Single Molecules and Nanoscale Surfactant Networks
Aldo Jesorka, Michal Tokarz, Owe Orwar
10. Single-Molecule Covalent Chemistry in a Protein Nanoreactor
Hagan Bayley, Tudor Luchian, Seong-Ho Shin, Mackay B. Steffensen
11. Single-Molecule Microscopy