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Sone, Yoshio - Molecular Gas Dynamics, ebook

Molecular Gas Dynamics

Sone, Yoshio


Highly Rarefied Gas: Free Molecular Gas and Its Correction
3. Slightly Rarefied Gas: Asymptotic Theory of the Boltzmann System for Small Knudsen Numbers
4. Simple Flows
5. Flows Induced by Temperature Fields
6. Flows with Evaporation and Condensation

Reinhard, Paul-Gerhard - Introduction to Cluster Dynamics, ebook

Introduction to Cluster Dynamics

Reinhard, Paul-Gerhard


With its emphasis on cluster dynamics, this will be vital to everyone involved in this interdisciplinary subject. The authors cover the dynamics of clusters on a broad level, including recent developments of femtosecond laser spectroscopy

Cheng, C. Yan - Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis, ebook

Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis

Cheng, C. Yan


Nitric Oxide and Cyclic Nucleotides: Their Roles in Junction Dynamics and Spermatogenesis
Nikki P. Y. Lee, C. Yan Cheng
11. The Sertoli Cell Cytoskeleton
A. Wayne Vogl, Kuljeet S. Vaid, Julian A. Guttman
12. Blood-Testis Barrier, Junctional and Transport

Paneth, Piotr - Kinetics and Dynamics, ebook

Kinetics and Dynamics

Paneth, Piotr


From the Gas Phase to a Lipid Membrane Environment: DFT and MD Simulations of Structure and Dynamics of Hydrogen-Bonded Solvates of Bifunctional Heteroazaaromatic Compounds
Alexander Kyrychenko, Jacek Waluk
3. Formamide as the Model Compound for Photodissociation