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Fabozzi, Frank J. - Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management, ebook

Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management

Fabozzi, Frank J.


In Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management Frank J. Fabozzi and Harry M. Markowitz explain the process of equity valuation, provide the necessary mathematical background, and discuss classic and new portfolio strategies for investment

Chen, James Ming - Postmodern Portfolio Theory, ebook

Postmodern Portfolio Theory

Chen, James Ming


Perpetual Possibility in a World of Speculation: Portfolio Theory in Its Modern and Postmodern Incarnations
2. Modern Portfolio Theory
James Ming Chen
3. Postmodern Portfolio Theory

Jr., John B. Guerard, - Handbook of Portfolio Construction, ebook

Handbook of Portfolio Construction

Jr., John B. Guerard,


Markowitz for the Masses: The Risk and Return of Equity and Portfolio Construction Techniques
John B. Guerard
2. Markowitz and the Expanding Definition of Risk: Applications of Multi-factor Risk Models
John B. Guerard
3. Markowitz Applications in the

Kaplan, Paul D. - Frontiers of Modern Asset Allocation, ebook

Frontiers of Modern Asset Allocation

Kaplan, Paul D.


Kaplan, who led the development of the methodologies behind the Morningstar Rating(TM) and the Morningstar Style Box(TM), tackles key challenges investor professionals face when putting asset-allocation theory into practice. This book addresses common issues such as: