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Kizu, Mika - Japanese Modality, ebook

Japanese Modality

Kizu, Mika


Japanese Modality from Semantic and Syntactic Perspectives
6. Tense and Settledness in Japanese Conditionals
Setsuko Arita
7. Conditional Modality: Two Types of Modal Auxiliaries in Japanese
Yukinori Takubo

Rocci, Andrea - Modality in Argumentation, ebook

Modality in Argumentation

Rocci, Andrea


Relative Modality and Argumentation
Andrea Rocci
5. Types of Conversational Backgrounds and Arguments
Andrea Rocci
6. Case Studies of Italian Modal Constructions in Context
Andrea Rocci
7. Conclusion
Andrea Rocci

MacBride, Fraser - Identity and Modality, ebook

Identity and Modality

MacBride, Fraser


The eleven new papers in this volume address fundamental and interrelated philosophical issues concerning modality and identity, issues that were pivotal to the development of analytic philosophy in the twentieth century, and remain a key focus of debate in the twenty-first. Identity and

Guéron, Jacqueline - Time and Modality, ebook

Time and Modality

Guéron, Jacqueline


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Patterns in the Semantics of Generic Sentences
Greg Carlson
3. Intensional Subjects and Indirect Contextual Anchoring
Ileana Comorovski
4. Temporal Orientation in Conditionals
Bridget Copley
5. On the Temporal Syntax of Non-Root Modals
Hamida Demirdache,

Carnielli, Walter - Modalities and Multimodalities, ebook

Modalities and Multimodalities

Carnielli, Walter


Table of contents
1. Modal logic and standard logic
2. The syntax of normal modal systems
3. The semantics of normal modal systems
4. Completeness and canonicity
5. Incompleteness and finite models
6. Temporal logics
7. Epistemic…

Tulenheimo, Tero - Objects and Modalities, ebook

Objects and Modalities

Tulenheimo, Tero


Table of contents
1. Individuals and Cross-World Identity
Tero Tulenheimo
2. The Nature of Modal Individuals
Tero Tulenheimo
3. Two Modes of Individuation
Tero Tulenheimo
4. Intentional Objects as World Lines
Tero Tulenheimo

Saba, Luca - Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis, ebook

Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis

Saba, Luca


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction: Anatomy and Imaging
1. Imaging Occlusive Atherosclerosis
J. Fernandes e Fernandes, L. Mendes Pedro, R. Fernandes e Fernandes, L. Silvestre
Part II. MR Atherosclerosis
2. Histopathology of Atherosclerosis…