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Adey, Peter - Aerial Life: Spaces, Mobilities, Affects, ebook

Aerial Life: Spaces, Mobilities, Affects

Adey, Peter


Brings together a number of interdisciplinary approaches towards the aeroplane and its relation to society Presents an original theory that our societies are aerial societies, or 'aerealities', and shows how we are both enabled and threatened by aerial mobility Features

Tickle, Phyllis - The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, ebook

The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition

Tickle, Phyllis


When Phyllis Tickle's marvelous devotional trilogy The Divine HoursTM appeared, readers responded with gratitude, praise, and a great many requests for an edition of hourly prayers that they could easily carry with them--an edition that would make this ancient form of Christian worship compatible with the pace and mobility

Lohman, Kirsty - The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks, ebook

The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks

Lohman, Kirsty


The Connected Lives of Dutch Punks: Contesting Subcultural Boundaries
Kirsty Lohman
2. Theories of Punk and Subculture
Kirsty Lohman
3. Punk Lives On: Generations of Punk and Squatting in the Netherlands

Grigat, Andrea - Across the Alps in Prehistory, ebook

Across the Alps in Prehistory

Grigat, Andrea


Transalpine Mobility and Trade since the Mesolithic
Carola Metzner-Nebelsick, Amei Lang, C. Sebastian Sommer, Bernd Steidl
2. The Concept of Isotopic Landscapes: Modern Ecogeochemistry versus Bioarchaeology

Badenoch, Alexander - Materializing Europe, ebook

Materializing Europe

Badenoch, Alexander


European Civil Aviation in an Era of Hegemonic Nationalism: Infrastructure, Air Mobility, and European Identity Formation, 1919–1933
Eda Kranakis

Curry, Dawne Y. - Apartheid on a Black Isle, ebook

Apartheid on a Black Isle

Curry, Dawne Y.


“They Died Horribly”: Celebrating the Lives Lost During the Student Uprising and Beyond
Dawne Y. Curry
7. Conclusion: David’s Story
Dawne Y. Curry

Hauser, Beatrix - Yoga Traveling, ebook

Yoga Traveling

Hauser, Beatrix


The Social Life of Yoga: Exploring Transcultural Flows in India
Mimi Nichter
10. Yoga as a Production Site of Social and Human Capital: Transcultural Flows from a Cultural Economic Perspective
Anne Koch

Brown, Elspeth H. - Cultures of Commerce, ebook

Cultures of Commerce

Brown, Elspeth H.


“The First Thing Every Negro Girl Does”: Black Beauty Culture, Racial Politics, and the Construction of Modern Black Womanhood, 1905–1925
Tiffany M. Gill
9. The Sentimental Work of Play: Manhood and the American Toy Industry, 1900–1930
Woody Register

Corbett, Michael - Rethinking Rural Literacies, ebook

Rethinking Rural Literacies

Corbett, Michael


My Roots Dip Deep: Literacy Practices as Mirrors of Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Ruralities
Karen Eppley
6. Another Way to Read “The Rural”: A Bricolage of Maths Education
Craig Howley
Part II. Literacy/Pedagogies
7. Exploring Rurality,