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Heffernan, Michael - Mobilities of Knowledge, ebook

Mobilities of Knowledge

Heffernan, Michael


Table of contents
1. Mobilities of Knowledge: An Introduction
Heike Jöns, Michael Heffernan, Peter Meusburger
Part I. Circulation, Transfer, and Adaptation
2. Spatial Mobility of Knowledge: Communicating Different Categories of Knowledge
Peter Meusburger
3. Papermaking: The Historical Diffusion of an Ancient

Beazley, Robert E. - Himalayan Mobilities, ebook

Himalayan Mobilities

Beazley, Robert E.


Table of contents
Part I. Roads and Transportation
1. A Global Review of Road Development
Robert E. Beazley, James P. Lassoie
Part II. Mobility as a Social and Ecological System
2. Mobilities
Robert E. Beazley, James P. Lassoie

Goetsch, Emily - Mountains, Mobilities and Movement, ebook

Mountains, Mobilities and Movement

Goetsch, Emily


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Emily Goetsch, Christos Kakalis
Part 1. Performativity
2. Deep and Dark Play in the Alps: Daring Acts and Their Retelling
Jonathan Pitches
3. In the Shadow of the Mountain: Tracing the Hesychast…

Burrell, Kathy - Mobilities in Socialist and Post-Socialist States, ebook

Mobilities in Socialist and Post-Socialist States

Burrell, Kathy


Power and Mobilities in Socialist Romania 1964–89
Ciprian Cirniala
4. Leisure and Politics: Soviet Central Asian Tourists across the Iron Curtain
Botakoz Kassymbekova
5. Between Limits, Lures and Excitement: Socialist Romanian Holidays Abroad during

Thorpe, Holly - Transnational Mobilities in Action Sport Cultures, ebook

Transnational Mobilities in Action Sport Cultures

Thorpe, Holly


Introduction: Transnational Mobilities and Action Sport Cultures: Conceptual, Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
Holly Thorpe
Part I. Transnational Action Sport Cultural Networks
2. Producing Transnational Networks: Action Sport Companies, Media

Murray, Lesley - Researching and Representing Mobilities, ebook

Researching and Representing Mobilities

Murray, Lesley


‘Footprints Are the Only Fixed Point’: The Mobilities of Postcolonial Fiction
Sara Upstone
4. Constructing the Mobile City: Gendered Mobilities in London Fiction
Lesley Murray, Hannah Vincent
5. A Motor-Flight

Abane, Albert - Young People’s Daily Mobilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, ebook

Young People’s Daily Mobilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Abane, Albert


Introduction: Children, Young People and the ‘Mobilities Turn’ in Sub-Saharan Africa
Gina Porter, Kate Hampshire, Albert Abane, Alister Munthali, Elsbeth Robson, Mac Mashiri
2. Identifying Research Gaps and Building a Field Research Methodology with Young