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P?tzold, Matthias - Mobile Radio Channels, ebook

Mobile Radio Channels

P?tzold, Matthias


Providing a comprehensive overview of the modelling, analysis and simulation of mobile radio channels, this book gives a detailed understanding of fundamental issues and examines state-of-the-art techniques in mobile

Alouini, Mohamed-Slim - Digital Communication over Fading Channels, ebook

Digital Communication over Fading Channels

Alouini, Mohamed-Slim


The four short years since Digital Communication over Fading Channels became an instant classic have seen a virtual explosion of significant new work on the subject, both by the authors and by numerous researchers around the world. Foremost among these

Molisch, Andreas F. - Wireless Communications, ebook

Wireless Communications

Molisch, Andreas F.

From 139,25€

Fully updated to incorporate the latest research and developments, Wireless Communications, Second Edition provides an authoritative overview of the principles and applications of mobile communication technology.
The author provides an in-depth analysis of current

Bakki, Péter - Advances in Mobile and Wireless Communications, ebook

Advances in Mobile and Wireless Communications

Bakki, Péter


Simplified Channel-Aware Greedy Scheduling and Antenna Selection Algorithms for Multiuser MIMO Systems Employing Orthogonal Space Division Multiplexing
Shreeram Sigdel, Witold A. Krzymien
3. On the Impact of Channel Estimation

Safak, Mehmet - Digital Communications, ebook

Digital Communications

Safak, Mehmet


  The book covers the fundamentals of antennas, channel modelling, receiver system noise, A/D conversion of signals, PCM, baseband transmission, optimum receiver, modulation techniques, error control coding, OFDM, fading

Alhassi, Abdelhamid - Space Modulation Techniques, ebook

Space Modulation Techniques

Alhassi, Abdelhamid


A general framework for analyzing the performance of SMTs is provided and used to detail their performance over several generalized fading channels. The book also addresses the transmitter design of these techniques with the optimum

Zigangirov, Kamil Sh. - Theory of Code Division Multiple Access Communication, ebook

Theory of Code Division Multiple Access Communication

Zigangirov, Kamil Sh.


A comprehensive introduction to CDMA theory and application
Code division multiple access (CDMA) communication is rapidly replacing time- and frequency-division methods as the cornerstone of wireless communication and mobile radio. Theory of Code Division Multiple Access Communication

Agrawal, Prathima - Wireless Communications, ebook

Wireless Communications

Agrawal, Prathima


Wireless Channel Parameters Maximizing TCP Throughput
François Baccelli, Rene L. Cruz, Antonio Nucci
3. Heavy Traffic Methods in Wireless Systems: Towards Modeling Heavy Tails and Long Range Dependence
Robert T. Buche, Arka Ghosh, Vladas Pipiras, Jim