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Colloff, Matthew J. - Dust Mites, ebook

Dust Mites

Colloff, Matthew J.


Control of dust mites and allergen avoidance
Matthew J. Colloff
10. Conclusions and reflections
Matthew J. Colloff

Gerson, Uri - Mites (Acari) for Pest Control, ebook

Mites (Acari) for Pest Control

Gerson, Uri


Mites (Acari) for Pest Control is an extremely comprehensive publication, covering in depth the 34 acarine families that contain mites useful for the control of pest mites and insects, nematodes and weeds. In addition

Sparagano, Olivier A. E. - Control of Poultry Mites (<Emphasis Type="Italic">Dermanyssus</Emphasis>), ebook

Control of Poultry Mites (Dermanyssus)

Sparagano, Olivier A. E.


Control of poultry mites: where do we stand?
Olivier Sparagano
2. Prevalence and key figures for the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae infections in poultry farm systems
Olivier Sparagano, Aleksandar Pavlićević, Takako Murano, Antonio Camarda, Hamid

Dhooria, Manjit  Singh - Fundamentals of Applied Acarology, ebook

Fundamentals of Applied Acarology

Dhooria, Manjit Singh


Management of Mites Under Organic Farming
Manjit Singh Dhooria
16. Mite Transmission of Plant Diseases
Manjit Singh Dhooria
17. Mite Pests of Mushrooms
Manjit Singh Dhooria
18. Mite Problems of Stored Foods
Manjit Singh Dhooria
19. Mites

Sabelis, Maurice W. - Trends in Acarology, ebook

Trends in Acarology

Sabelis, Maurice W.


Anomalies of notogastral structures in poronotic oribatid mites (Oribatida: Poronota) interpreted as cryptic ancestral characters modulated by regulatory genes
Gerd Weigmann
4. Phylogeny and host-parasite associations of feather mites

Saha, Goutam Kumar - Dust Allergy: Cause &amp; Concern, ebook

Dust Allergy: Cause & Concern

Saha, Goutam Kumar


House Dust Mites—A Precarious Indoor Allergen
Goutam Kumar Saha
7. Dust Mite Allergy—Evaluation Procedures
Goutam Kumar Saha
8. House Dust Mite Allergy—Indian Perspective
Goutam Kumar Saha
9. Allergy and Heredity—Genetic Links

Amendt, Jens - Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology, ebook

Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology

Amendt, Jens


Phoretic Mites and Carcasses: Acari Transported by Organisms Associated with Animal and Human Decomposition
M. Alejandra Perotti, Henk R. Braig, M. Lee Goff
6. Indoor Arthropods of Forensic Importance: Insects Associated with Indoor Decomposition and Mites

Härkönen, Anna-Leena - Ei kiitos, ebook

Ei kiitos

Härkönen, Anna-Leena


Missä vaiheessa hehku lopahti, ja he alkoivat puhua toisilleen kuin potilaat: "Mites sun niskat?" Hiljainen makuuhuone johtaa tilanteisiin, joihin Heli ei välttämättä olisi halunnut. Mutta hän ei tahdo kuolla suruun. Tämä sähkökirja toimii ePub-formaattia