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McLean, Alan - Mistress of All They Survey, ebook

Mistress of All They Survey

McLean, Alan


Sam Grant made two mistakes, cheating on his wife and being found out. Helen exacts her own retribution, forcing Sam into the role of slave and then schoolboy, complete with uniform, whilst demanding the freedom to take lovers if she so chooses. Life…

Aaron, Frank - Mistress - Slave Contest, ebook

Mistress - Slave Contest

Aaron, Frank


The viewers vote not on who should leave the island but who should be Mistress and slave! Andrea is an arrogant, self important lawyer with her own sex slave who holds the most fierce hatred for another lawyer and a judge. When she is approached to take part in the

Nano, Slave - Dungeon Mistress Adventures, ebook

Dungeon Mistress Adventures

Nano, Slave

From 3,55€

What is it like to serve a dungeon mistress? What is it like to submit to a powerful, cruel and imaginative dominatrix? Find out in this series of four themed stories involving Mistress Nemesis, her slave, Nano, and her transvestite toy and assistant,

Mistress of Green Tree Mill

Mistress of Green Tree Mill

Mcneill, Elisabeth


Lizzie becomes a formidable mistress, but is she prepared for the price she - and those she loves - will have to pay for her success? A page-turning saga of hope in the face of adversity for fans of Dilly Court.

Rocherry, Robert Czerniawski - Mistress Cartographer of the Un-Light, ebook

Mistress Cartographer of the Un-Light

Rocherry, Robert Czerniawski


The series tells the story of Safo and her family from the time of the Second World War, and Mistress Cartographer of the Un-Light is the first instalment to be translated into English. In these novels Robert Czerniawski Rocherry has evolved a new genre of storytelling,

Stone, CP - Mistress of Drummond Castle, ebook

Mistress of Drummond Castle

Stone, CP


Mistress Claudia has acquired a real castle, complete with dungeons! However, when she arrives to take possession, she finds three drunken louts in its lounge. She is not easily intimidated, however, and by skilful use of her wits and whip, the louts are captured and subdued. She then sets

Craig, Shailene - En Mistress i julklapp - BDSM erotik, ebook

En Mistress i julklapp - BDSM erotik

Craig, Shailene


Tanja jobbar som Domina och njuter av att hjälpa de undergivna kunderna njuta på samma sätt som hon själv en gång blivit hjälpt. Även om hon tycker om sitt jobb saknar hon ibland att vara den med halsbandet, särskilt när hon tänker på Domen…

Kelly, Paul - Rent Boy, ebook

Rent Boy

Kelly, Paul


This lady known as Emma Schaffi, hired out several caravans in order to carry on her trade as ‘The Mistress of Sex . .