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Bythell, Marian - Jamie, ebook


Bythell, Marian


Jamie is a long-haired, bearded collie, bursting with life and energy, but his sense of fun and his lively curiosity are apt to lead him into trouble. Written in rhyme, Marian Bythell recounts some of the adventures of the rollicking, frolicking, lovable…

Bythell, Marian - Jamie Tales, ebook

Jamie Tales

Bythell, Marian


Jamie, the bearded collie, is besotted by a beautiful white poodle called Fifi, and when she sails away to France he is heartbroken. But not for long. A very pretty collie catches his eye, and Jamie is his happy-go-lucky, irrepressible self once again.…

Shaw, Sandra Christina - Pom-Pom Goes To Bramble Wood, ebook

Pom-Pom Goes To Bramble Wood

Shaw, Sandra Christina


Everyone admires the new dress her mother has made for Pom-Pom. It has tiny rosebuds stitched around the hem, and Pom-Pom looks very pretty indeed in it. It is certainly not the sort of dress she ought to wear when she is meeting her friends to play in…

Hammond, Henrietta - A Sting in the Tale, ebook

A Sting in the Tale

Hammond, Henrietta


In a cavern beneath the Yorkshire Moors a boggart has been sleeping for 300 years, trapped behind a fall of rocks. He is released from his long slumber by an eleven-year-old boy, Michael Hammond, who has been recently orphaned and is now living with his…

Sleeman, Maureen - Holy Macaroni!, ebook

Holy Macaroni!

Sleeman, Maureen


Macaroni, an Italian mongrel, lives with the Fettuccine family in a pizzeria near the ancient town of Pompeii. Content to snooze in the shade from one feed to the next he is stunned to find himself carried back 2,000 years to Pompeii in the reign of Caligula.…

Curtis, Lyndsey - Alex and Lily Go On a Bear Hunt, ebook

Alex and Lily Go On a Bear Hunt

Curtis, Lyndsey


Teddy Bear is missing from the nursery, so Alex and Lily are going on a bear hunt. Along the way Alex is helped by many of his favourite nursery-rhyme characters. Their rhymes and songs help Alex and Lily to follow the trail of their runaway friend.

Marian, Bythell - Billy and Ben on the Farm, ebook

Billy and Ben on the Farm

Marian, Bythell


The naughty twins, Billy and Ben, are up to mischief on their grandparents’ farm where they live, and Scamp, the farm dog, is always ready to join in with their life of fun and adventure. This beautifully illustrated children’s story book contains three stories featuring Billy and Ben

Bythell, Marian - Off to the Fair with Billy and Ben, ebook

Off to the Fair with Billy and Ben

Bythell, Marian


Everybody is excited. It is the day of Monkhamstead Village Fair and no one wants to miss a thing. Tommy Tramp wants to win a coconut and Daddy wants to show his skill at throwing the welly. Grandpa is hoping to make a stir in the knobbliest-knees competition…

Shaw, Sandra Christina - Pom-Pom Goes To Town, ebook

Pom-Pom Goes To Town

Shaw, Sandra Christina


Pom-Pom loves to go to the market with her mama. The well-meaning little bear enjoys the bustle of the town on market days, when there are so many exciting and colourful things to see. Today she particularly wants to find a present to take home for her…

Rogers, Elaine - Night-Time in the Toyshop, ebook

Night-Time in the Toyshop

Rogers, Elaine


Mr Sam’s Toyshop in Bluebell village is like no other toyshop in the world. Mr Sam makes all the toys himself, in a little workshop out the back, but not even he knows everything his marvellous toys can do. He doesn’t see what they get up to at the…