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Powers, Rod - Basic Training For Dummies, ebook

Basic Training For Dummies

Powers, Rod


A number of factors during a soldier's training could inhibit successful enlistment, including mental toughness and physical fitness levels. Basic Training For Dummies covers the ins and outs of this initial process, preparing

Wolfendale, Jessica - Torture and the Military Profession, ebook

Torture and the Military Profession

Wolfendale, Jessica


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jessica Wolfendale
2. Professions and Professional Ethics
Jessica Wolfendale
3. Virtue Ethics and Professional Roles
Jessica Wolfendale
4. Professional Ethics and the Military
Jessica Wolfendale
5. Obedience in the Military
Jessica Wolfendale
6. Military

Bartone, Paul T. - Handbook of Military Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Military Psychology

Bartone, Paul T.


Training and Practice in Military Specialty Psychology
Jessica Parker, Joseph H. Afanador, Jeffrey L. Goodie, Steven J. Porter, Genelle I. Weits, Daniel G. Cassidy
6. Suicide Prevention in the United States Military
Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Margaret

Tuominen, Kari - A Woman's Guide to the Army, ebook

A Woman's Guide to the Army

Tuominen, Kari


5 million Americans serve in the military, of which 22% are women? A Woman’s Guide to the Army from a Survivor is a detailed account of life in the military, addressing both positive and negative aspects of the service. Marguerite