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Bacci, Massimo Livi - A Short History of Migration, ebook

A Short History of Migration

Bacci, Massimo Livi


This short book provides a succinct and masterly overview of the history of migration, from the earliest movements of human beings out of Africa into Asia and Europe to the present day, exploring along the way those factors that contribute to the successes and failures

Pitkänen, Pirkko - Migration and Transformation:, ebook

Migration and Transformation:

Pitkänen, Pirkko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pirkko Pitkänen
2. Migration, Transnationalism, and Ambivalence: The Punjab–United Kingdom Linkage
Kaveri Qureshi, V. J. Varghese, Filippo Osella, S. Irudaya Rajan
3. Franco–Moroccan Transnational Space: Continuity and Transformations
Anna Virkama, Catherine Therrien,

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe - Feminism and Migration, ebook

Feminism and Migration

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe


Synergies Between Feminist Thought and Migration Studies in Mexico (1975–2010)
Gail Mummert
4. Fragmented Migrant (Her)Stories: Multi-sited Ethnography and Feminist Migration Research
Luna Vives
5. Japanese Single Mothers in Australia: Negotiation

Hinnells, John R. - The Zoroastrian Diaspora: Religion and Migration, ebook

The Zoroastrian Diaspora: Religion and Migration

Hinnells, John R.


This is the only study of Zoroastrian migration in modern history. It is based on archival research and fieldwork in eleven countries across six continents and on a large survey questionnaire. As well as studying the Zoroastrians for their own interest... Copying to clipboard limited

Pearce, Charles E.M. - Oceanic Migration, ebook

Oceanic Migration

Pearce, Charles E.M.


Studying the History of Spice Island Migration Through Cultural Diffusion
Charles E.M. Pearce, F.M. Pearce
11. Challenging a Late First Settlement Date for New Zealand
Charles E.M. Pearce, F.M. Pearce
12. The Context of Global Climate Change: Climate-Driven

Jäggi, Christian J. - Migration und Flucht, ebook

Migration und Flucht

Jäggi, Christian J.


Table of contents
Teil I. Facts and Figures
1. Globale Fluchtbewegungen und Migrationsrouten
Christian J. Jäggi
2. Regionale Hot Spots
Christian J. Jäggi
Teil II. Flucht- und Migrationsgründe
3. Der Wunsch nach einem besseren…

Schilling, Katharina - Transnationale Migration und Care-Arbeit, ebook

Transnationale Migration und Care-Arbeit

Schilling, Katharina


Transnationale Migration im Rahmen der (soziologischen) Migrationsforschung
Katharina Schilling
3. Domestic Work — „neue Dienstmägde“
Katharina Schilling
4. Philippinische Live-in Caregivers in Kanada
Katharina Schilling
5. Eigene empirische

Papadopoulou-Kourkoula, Aspasia - Transit Migration, ebook

Transit Migration

Papadopoulou-Kourkoula, Aspasia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Aspasia Papadopoulou-Kourkoula
2. Migration in Europe
Aspasia Papadopoulou-Kourkoula
3. Transit in Europe: The Case of Greece
Aspasia Papadopoulou-Kourkoula
4. Being in Transit
Aspasia Papadopoulou-Kourkoula
5. Transit in the Maghreb: Sub-Saharans and el-harga

Castles, Stephen - Social Transformation and Migration, ebook

Social Transformation and Migration

Castles, Stephen


The Temporalities of International Migration: Implications for Ethnographic Research
Shanthi Robertson
Part II. Case-study Insights: South Korea
5. The Political Economy of Immigration in South Korea
Dong-Hoon Seol
6. An Overview of International

Miao, Lu - International Migration of China, ebook

International Migration of China

Miao, Lu


Reverse Migration in China: Contemporary Chinese Returnees
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang
4. Global Talent Migration: The Barrier and Breakthrough of Foreign Immigrants in China
Lu Miao, Huiyao Wang
5. Evolution of China’s