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Mladjenovic, Paul - Micro-Entrepreneurship For Dummies, ebook

Micro-Entrepreneurship For Dummies

Mladjenovic, Paul


The media has named the growing trend toward micro-entrepreneurship "the Rise of the Creative Class," "the Gig Life," or "the freelance economy." All of those refer to the nearly 4 million workers who were self-employed this past year, and millions of others who currently

North, Klaus - Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises, ebook

Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises

North, Klaus


An Analysis of Micro and Small Enterprises Growth: An Application of the Management Excellence Model (MEG)
Marcondes Silva Cândido, Jackson André Silva
8. Case: KST Turbine Components: “Qualiyspeedservice” as Competitive Strategy
Heiko Dittmer, Thomas