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Best, P. - Implementing Value at Risk, ebook

Implementing Value at Risk

Best, P.


Implementing Value at Risk Philip Best Value at Risk (VAR) is an estimate of the potential loss on a trading or investment portfolio. Its use has swept the banking world and is now accepted as an essential tool in any risk manager's briefcase. Perhaps

Kurzyński, Marek - Computer Recognition Systems, ebook

Computer Recognition Systems

Kurzyński, Marek


Selection of Fuzzy-Valued Loss Function in Two Stage Binary Classifier
Robert Burduk
13. A New Rejection Strategy for Convolutional Neural Network by Adaptive Topology
Hubert Cecotti, Abdel Belaïd
14. Fast PCA and LDA for JPEG Images
Weilong Chen,

Zhu, Min - Electrical Engineering and Control, ebook

Electrical Engineering and Control

Zhu, Min


Targets Detection in SAR Image Used Coherence Analysis Based on S-Transform
Tao Tao, Zhenming Peng, Chaonan Yang, Fang Wei, Lihong Liu
2. A Community Detecting Algorithm in Directed Weighted Networks
Hongtao Liu, Xiao Qin, Hongfeng Yun, Yu Wu
3. Autonomous