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Bolin, Göran - Dynamics Of Mediatization, ebook

Dynamics Of Mediatization

Bolin, Göran


The Identity of Mediatization: Theorizing a Dynamic Field
Marian T. Adolf
3. Mediatization from Below
Magnus Andersson
4. Mediatization: From Structure to Agency (and Back Again)
Zrinjka Peruško
5. Towards the “Audiencization” of

Esser, Frank - Mediatization of Politics, ebook

Mediatization of Politics

Esser, Frank


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Mediatization of Politics: Towards a Theoretical Framework
Jesper Strömbäck, Frank Esser
Part II. Foundations
2. Mediatization and Democracy
Jay G. Blumler
3. Mediatization and Political Populism
Gianpietro Mazzoleni
4. Mediatization and New Media

Esner, Rachel - The Mediatization of the Artist, ebook

The Mediatization of the Artist

Esner, Rachel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rachel Esner, Sandra Kisters
Part I. The Artist in the (Illustrated) Press
2. “At Home”: Visiting the Artist’s Studio in the Nineteenth-Century French Illustrated Press
Rachel Esner
3. Success…

Hepp, Andreas - Cultures of Mediatization, ebook

Cultures of Mediatization

Hepp, Andreas

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‘Cultures of mediatization’ are described as cultures whose main resources are mediated by technical media. Therefore, everyday life in cultures of mediatization is ‘moulded’ by the media.
To understand this challenging

Bochsler, Daniel - Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization, ebook

Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization

Bochsler, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction — The New Challenges to Democracy
Hanspeter Kriesi
Part I. Democracy, a Moving Target of Great Complexity and Variability
2. Democracy as a Moving Target
Hanspeter Kriesi
3. Models for Democracy
Marc Bühlmann, Hanspeter Kriesi
4. Varieties of Democracy

Hepp, Andreas - Transcultural Communication, ebook

Transcultural Communication

Hepp, Andreas


Includes examples of mediatization and transcultural communication from a variety of cultural contexts Covers an array of different types of media, including mass media and digital media Incorporates discussion of transcultural communication in media regulation,

Hepp, Andreas - Mediatized Worlds, ebook

Mediatized Worlds

Hepp, Andreas


Table of contents
Part III. Mediatized Communities
9. Benedict in Berlin: The Mediatization of Religion
Hubert Knoblauch