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Batty, Craig - Screen Production Research, ebook

Screen Production Research

Batty, Craig


A ‘Logical’ Explanation of Screen Production as Method-Led Research
Susan Kerrigan
3. Lights, Camera, Research: The Specificity of Research in Screen Production
Leo Berkeley
4. The Primacy of Practice: Establishing the Terms of Reference of Creative

Willis, Andy - Cult Media, ebook

Cult Media

Willis, Andy


It’s Only Teenage Wasteland: The Home Media Revival of Freaks and Geeks
Katie Barnett
Part II. Cult Practices: The Consumption and Reception of Cult Media
7. Cult Fandom and Experiential Cinema
E. W. Nikdel
8. Pirates and Proprietary Rights:

Phillipov, Michelle - Media and Food Industries, ebook

Media and Food Industries

Phillipov, Michelle


Table of contents
1. Introduction: New Food Politics
Michelle Phillipov
Part I. Contexts
2. Resisting ‘Agribusiness Apocalypse’: The Pleasures and Politics of Ethical Food
Michelle Phillipov
3. Food Television and Celebrity Chefs: Lifestyle Branding and Commodified Idyllism
Michelle Phillipov

Howard, Philip N. - Castells and the Media: Theory and Media, ebook

Castells and the Media: Theory and Media

Howard, Philip N.


Politicians can no longer run for office without a digital media strategy, new communication technologies are a fundamental infrastructure for the economy, and the internet has become an invaluable tool for cultural production

Eckersall, Peter - New Media Dramaturgy, ebook

New Media Dramaturgy

Eckersall, Peter


Cue Black Shadow Effect: The New Media Dramaturgy Experience
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer
2. The Virtual Machine: Projection in the Theatre
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer
3. From Extreme Light to Total Darkness: The Dramaturgy

McIntyre, Phillip - Creativity and Cultural Production, ebook

Creativity and Cultural Production

McIntyre, Phillip


Table of contents
Part I. Theories about Creativity and Cultural Production
1. Introductory Perspectives on Creativity
Phillip McIntyre
2. The Creator as Genius
Phillip McIntyre
3. Bio-Psychological Perspectives
Phillip McIntyre
4. Creativity and the Social
Phillip McIntyre
5. The Cultural

Blair, Robert - Organic Production and Food Quality: A Down to Earth Analysis, ebook

Organic Production and Food Quality: A Down to Earth Analysis

Blair, Robert


The internet is rife with biased and unsubstantiated claims from the organic industry, and the treatment of issues such as food safety and quality by the media ("if it bleeds, it leads") tends to have a negative impact on consumer perceptions about conventional food. Until recently, more

Arvidsson, Adam - Introduction to Digital Media, ebook

Introduction to Digital Media

Arvidsson, Adam


New and updated English translation of the highly successful book on digital media
This book introduces readers to the vast and rich world of digital media. It provides a strong starting point for understanding digital media’s social and political

Davidov, Veronica - Ecotourism and Cultural Production, ebook

Ecotourism and Cultural Production

Davidov, Veronica


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Two Museums
Veronica Davidov
2. Historical Foundations and Contemporary Dimensions of Kichwa Ecotourism
Veronica Davidov
3. Ecotourism: Nature, Culture, and Ethnocentrism
Veronica Davidov